Asking Alexandria - Like a House On Fire

℗ 2020 Sumerian Records

Like a House On Fire Tracklist:

Butch Justice

The album is full of below average, non-memorable songs and devoid of any hits. The violence and like a house on fire are ok, but it’s all downhill after that. While the last album was less heavy, it was still a solid album that was good start to finish...not so much here. They still put on a good show so I’ll still support them, but this album was a complete miss for me


Been a fan from the beginning. I just can’t man, this isn’t them. Last album was better. Only song I can get with is the “The Violence”.


I get changing things up and evolving/maturing as a band but this is not it guys. This new sound is just boring. And quite frankly the worst album made.


Looking at the one stars here, it’s easy to discern that this is a different direction for the band. I like it! I’ve only sampled a little of their old work which sounded like many other bands doing the screamo metal thing. This album fills a niche that is fairly empty these days. Yes, it’s stylized but so what. The first four songs really set the tone and the rest of the songs follow suit. Nice!


It’s not stand up and scream or reckless and relentless but they’ve evolved from that band it’s a good album if you don’t expect anything.

Trust and Us



If you are looking for AA to be the same band they were when you were in high school/midle school, listen to something else, because just like you, they grew up, they matured and you can hear it. You can hear the joy everyone had recording this record, and you can more importantly hear that these are grown men who have something to say. All the reviews saying Asking Alexandria is dead are about as mature as they were in middle school who thought Keep Calm and (meme) pictures were cool.



Lindsay Elle

Bruh, this album slaps. How does it have so many one stars?! Artists have every right to try new sounds! If you’re a TRUE AA fan, you’re going to support them. Don’t worry boys, your day ones are here to stay 💪🏻


Guys were OK when they were heavy, this is just trash. I'm all for bands changing and evolving but this aint it. Time throw in the towel.


AA isn’t a metal band any more. Their music is barely rock now. Danny alternates between R&B and pop. The drums are simple and sound programmed. Such a complete shame.


I can’t believe how much I dislike this album, what a waste of money. Not even close to the type of music they used to produce.


You should have changed the name already


Stick to this and get rid of all that screaming mess.


I haven’t listened to a album so repetitively in a while!!! Super relatable!!!


For fans of Asking Alexandria’s earlier stuff, especially pre-Denis, this isn’t the same band. While I’m not upset they moved in a different direction, I enjoyed the heavy metal breakdowns and vocals from Danny that was their claim to fame. As it is, Asking Alexandria is essentially dead; or at least, the style and genre they represented is. Now they sound like most generic pop rock bands, and that’s not what I enjoyed about them originally.

Jacob Knight Cyrus

If you’ve supported this band since the beginning, take a moment and reflect on it; they’ve branched in so many directions, based on the discography. Then, you gotta remember when it all started, how it all almost tumbled like a stack of cards. This band will never be what it was and we will be saying that about them when we look back on this album next decade, because Asking Alexandria have no pocket. This album is a true indication of that. I give it 4 stars.


This is a terrible album 🚽all the songs are the same. Been a fan of these guys since 09’ RIP


Been listening to these ASKING for a long time and it is awesome to see them mix it up!! I can listen start to finish on this album, you can tell they put in the work and wanna evolve as muscians. keep it coming.


Please, change producers.


I don’t even. Someone should get fired over this hot mess.


Times change. Artists music taste and sometimes who they’re trying to reach changes. I can tell you this much. If it wasn’t for you, it may not have been for you. Nothing wrong with that. But my guys are a new band. They hadn’t written music together and able to take time on it in a long time. They got to do it here and I think I’m the right time when they can get back on the road, the record is going to bring more joy to people that may not know them yet, than the negative feelings some people have leaving the reviews that they’re entitled to leave.


I pre-ordered the self titled album. That was disappointing for sure. Now this. Gotta say listening to the GOOD Asking is bittersweet now. I just know they’ll never make good heavy music again. Depressing. I like how they had to release a cartoon about all the hate they were getting. It’s that bad.


Garbage. That’s all there is to say about this sorry ass album.


I didn’t realize We are Harlot had changed their name to Asking Alexandria. This was my absolute favorite band of all time and they have sold out. I know they claim they have grown and matured as artist. But, if this is what the band has come to; then I want Dennis back or for this band to just split.


This here is an amazing band! I have faith in the band... just not this album.


Now being an Asking Alexandria fan this may be a biased, but that doesn’t matter. I’ve been a fan of Asking Alexandria since 2009 when their first album debuted. Now that being said I was 19 when that album came I’m 30. When they first debuted they were angry kids as we all were when they came out. Now they have wives and kids and it has matured them. I have to say this album speaks to me on a whole new level. AAFAMILY FOR LIFE!!!!!! Love the direction this band has gone and I can’t wait to see what’s next. PS I HAVE LSITENED TO THIS ALBUM ABOUT 30 times now lol 🤘🤘🤘🖤🖤🖤🖤


First off, to all those below whom are dissing AA and other bands for changin got up and stepping away from the norm should just go back in time to a hot topic in 2007 cause that’s where your minds are stuck at. Thus, this album kicks ass and can’t stop listening to it on repeat. Danny has an amazing voice and has not disappointed. AA isn’t anything without Danny. So 🖕🏻 the haters.


I’ve been an AA fan from the beginning and will continue to support them and whatever direction they choose to go. It’s not my favorite AA album but there is a few great songs. I’m sure as I listen to the album more, I’ll find some more.


Better now that I can actually understand the lyrics.


For the people who are giving this 1 star and claiming they’re fans based off the first album y’all need to grow up. The band has grown up and their music has grown up. Get over it


A big problem with this album, maybe the biggest, is that Danny's voice is compromised. There is no resonance or power to his voice, I believe due to injury. When you combine that with the pop sounding direction of the band, the songs are all very tepid and disposable. Maybe if you are age 12 to 14 years you can get into this music, but metalcore fans that are accustomed to Of Mice and Men style and many other bands in this genre, it is grating on the ear drums after 1-2 listens.


All the songs on this album sound the same. The lyrics are terrible as well as the generic pop rock. Their first three albums were so good and now they are selling out making butt rock. Sad!


To those that have condemned the band because of a shift in their style, you are not a true fan. You are a band wagon, flock of sheep. Being a fan means you enjoy their music as a whole, it is about all of their music not just the next album they put out. Their music actually has more lyrical and instrumental depth but all you hear is the lack of screaming and your taking your frustration out on iTunes to make sure people get your opinion cause you THINK your important as the sheep who lost his/her way. Oh, if you don’t get the sheep comment look it up, get informed.


As humans, we evolve. Over time, as the band has shown, there’s more in-depth reflection and cleaner sound... is that due to processing or just better techniques and chemistry? Either way, the guys have proven that evolving their sound fits best for THEM... I’ve been a fan for several years and as I listen back to the earlier years, I’ll have those memories in my life, but I’ve evolved also. I don’t need the aggression as much, or so my wife and four kids tell me. Ha. Kick kicking ass guys. Be you!!! Bret from Delaware.


how to you go from being one of the greatest bands to one of the worst? Just make an album like this. They should be embarrased.


Bringing Danny back is the worst thing they could have done. RIP Asking Alexandria, you let your potential go to waste


I downloaded more than half of the album. I dig the sound - reminds me of Nothing More


I am all for bands trying to grow, but if you are going to try to make a radio album (again) you at the very least have to have good songs. There are none to be found on this album. Terrible from start to finish.


They continue to evolve and it’s great! Amazing album!

Troy V Turner



It’s great for any band to try different sounds and genres rather than just sticking to the same old thing. I can appreciate having both. Some of these are pretty catchy too, and good lyrics as always.

68 tones

Look, everyone trashing the album can have their opinion, but this band sounds great. Danny’s voice is unique and seasoned, and the music is tight. I for one am not a fan of screaming. And everyone needs to understand AND remember that screaming trashes a singers voice. I like when bands expand their sound, change it up, mature. If all you want to hear is the same unchanging sound, put one of their old albums on an infinite loop. No one stays relevant if they never grow, experiment adapt and yes, push the envelop.


Leave the closed-minded to their caves. There is nothing wrong with maturing with your music and this album is proof. Keep up the amazing work.

I'm Chris Hey

I was refraining from reviewing some of these bands like these guys and BMTH that have gone soft on us all but I think these bands need to see that their fans don’t like this garbage teen pop sounding music. If this is what they wanna come out with then just disband AA and use a different band name because this isn’t the Asking I grew up on. Horrible album. All sounds the same.


I really like the way the band is evolving and experimenting with a different sound. Overall a really good album!


One of the best albums to date. Could tell they put a lot of time, love, and effort into it. Couldn’t be more proud of these guys for all they have been through and they keep kicking ass and taking names!


I’ll admit I hated this album at first because I had expectations for this album. Set aside all expectations and just gave it a listen and it’s honestly a beautiful album. Such a well put together album. I can’t stop listening to I Don't Need You, One Turns To None, What’s Gonna Be, and Give You Up!


I liked the last album but this one is just trash


Keep it coming fellas