Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

Nightmare (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:


Such an amazing band and I love all their music #foREVer!!!!


This song is amazing and makes me lose control


this looks like a monster by skillet ripoff i know its not and its a great video and a greas song!


The song is pretty goodq

ZJ (Zach)

I Love the group, but when I bought the Music Video and dowloaded it, it wouldn't play at all, or even sync to my Ipod.


A7X is the best band ever!!


A7X is My number one favorite band of all time!!! Absolutely the best!!! Even though they have lost the big brother they are and will still be the best!!! ROCK ON GUYS!!! and btw whoever doesnt know or like them can fkin turn around WALK to hell!!!

Nightmare comes to life

I love this song so much

You.dont.need.to.know. :D

I love it, but it said there was an error so I deleted it. I want it back but do I still have to re buy it?


I only like Avenged Sevenfold, but this song is great. The music video is okay.. But I give it four stars for NOT BEING CENSORED!

Vitor C.



This is my fav band of all time!! I miss the rev a lot and I'm sure they do to but even with him gone they r still AMAZING I love this band to death and I always will


These guys rock hardcore....I have seen them in concert and it's a show you must see!!! I absolutly love synyster gates...such a hottie.

amanda hathaway

I love this song ur new album came out on my birthday thats the crazy this i love avenge sevenfold

Royce Freddie

Did anyone notice they made 3 references to afterlife here? One: The broken drums with the tarantula crawling on it. Two: Zacky Vengence dancing with the skeleton in the room. Three: The brand new drum set. Overall I thought this a great video, a little demented (reminded me a little of "the Last Exorcism") but still a great video in all. Keep going a7x. R.I.P. the Rev love the new song not ready to die!:)


Okay yeah losing the rev is very very sad and the band and Jimmy's family is suffering the most. They don't want to suffer and to help dull the pain of losing a loved one is not to bring it up in EVERY COMMENT!

Monster man 9000

This is one of, if not the best, music video ever! R.I.P. Jimmy


<3 u rev will always love ya best drummer EVER! Miss u lots Hun ;.(...

nitro circusxxx

that is my favorite song ever i love but im really sorry for the rev

aiden gates

we miss u so much jimmy our hearts are always with u, you were the best drummer and still are and always will be i cant wait to meet you on the other side rip bro


A7X never disappoints and this video is just simply amazing. I loved the wole concept of the video. I loved the ending. Wonderful job, a7x. Keep rocking!(: foREVer<3 oh yeah, Zacky looked hot as usual(; I loved his hair!:D and M. Shadows(; <3


it was awesome. zacky dancing with a skeleton:priceless.


The best music video ever! Very well put together. My favorite one yet.

Nelson a7x

A7X are the best band I've ever heard.


Thank you!

Chemical farts

This video is awesome. The old lady with the giant eyes creeped me out


they are soo amazing! and they are easily the best live venue i have ever seen

Boston Fan For Life

i just got into their music and its depressing to see a great rocker like jimmy gone so soon just like bon scott


Avenged Sevenfold is great band. I think this is one of their best songs and they have made this video to coincide very well with their music. This is one video I don't mind watching more than once. Rock On! !,,!


Awesome song.! May the rev rest in peace and his music live on forever. We love you!! by the way m.shadows is sexy!!


I cried the whole time and at the end I lost it. It makes me sick that one of the worlds best drummer had to pass so soon. But at least we have his music to remember and honor him by

#1 Steeler Fan

Nice to see that someone can do a good job ripping off James Hetfield of Metallica. Some of the intonation and even vocal tics are 100% copied. They're too good to be getting lazy so soon.


This is a great tribute to him


Its sad at the end jimmys not on the drums R.I.P jimmy the Rev Sullivan


Ive been listening to them forever and still love them more then ever


Why are there 3 different Nightmare music videos on Itunes? O.o


Love it, this is my new favorite band. I love how melodic this, and all of their songs are!

Refried dreams

Totally worth it. I hope they make one for god hates us!




money back plz


This is the best music video i've seen. Creepy, but awesome. this is a vid that can creep people out, but is worth it. great tribute to The Rev to.


Has so much depth and hidden messages and a shocking and blunt ending. Great job guys. You should make a video for fiction like you did with a little piece of heaven :D


This video is awesome and really dark. Its definetly a great song and video. R.I.P Jimmy.<3

The Pumkin King

Though The Rev is not with us (RIP you are missed) they continue to blow me away with thier music. It gies to show that they can still entertain us with their lyrics and beat, and continue to be original. A7X 4 eva!!!!!!!!


Oh...My...God....enough said!

O. Lewis

I couldn't belive how they ended the video in my opinion it's the ultimate tribute to the rev god rest his soul. For our fallen soldier and all that have passed and will follow Psalm 23:4 (King James Version) 4Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.


Two thousands big thumbs UPpppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(=




Wow. This video, along with entire album, has blown me away. Once again, Avenged Sevenfold has proven the musical talent they have. And I love how this song is about the Rev. It shows the true feelings the band had for the fallen drummer.


It's a great video, but I am mad that it is in my music folder for the new cd. It is not a song, its a video.