Daughtry - No Surprise

Leave This Town (Bonus Track Version) Tracklist:


Awesome video and voice love you great voice and video music plus gets me really from my heart and soul forever honestly


Daughtry has been amazing from the start..These guys have an awesome sound...KEEP IT UP GUYS!!

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55 years old. I know good rock. This is great rock. Finally, a group who understands what makes great rock.


daughtry rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minot's Light

This is one of my all time favorite songs. Emotional. Excellent lyrics. Great beat. Once again proves his talent as a musical artist. Video is not that remarkable, but the song doesn't need any visualization. The song itself is very descriptive providing vivid images of a relationship.

Daughtry lover! :)

well what i think is that daughtry is the BEST band ever! im like truelly obessed with this band! the song is amazing and including all of the many other ones they wrote i hope there is more on the way!! And i agree no one should compare him with american idol anymore that was a while ago and he is honestly to good for that show anyway!


WOW..... Rock on, Daughtry!! What a humble, unique group of "rock stars"!!! I absolutely LOVE this song and this band!!!! Hmmmm.... I just might have to download the whole album :)


People need to stop making refrences to American idol.. Chris daughtry is way above that level and way past that point in his career.. No suprise isn't my favorite song but the new album is awesome. The bottom line - Daughtry makes great music


I'm so glad Chris Daughtry did not win American Idol or else he wouldn't have a awesome band writing awesome songs! U rock Daughtry


Daughtry is one of the few bands that makes everybody love them, their so good, No Surprise definatley drew my attention, keep it up guys!


The video is great and the song is even better! I love it! This might be my new fav daughtry song.


this is an awesome video and I hope that daughtry keeps making kool videos!!!!!


Once again, Daughtry does an amazing job. Never a disappointing performance. Fabulous! He is unbeatable!


Daughtry is an amazing band. They are so talented,they have proved to America that a band/artist can be extremely succesful without having language, profanity, or sexual references in any of their songs. :) I thank them for staying true to themselves and not following todays idea of "good music" they know what good music is, and they make it.


Chris Daughtry should've won american idol when he was on it. I love this song, and the video is great!!!

soccer elf

Daughtry has done it again! I love "No Surpise" I can't wait to get the album, but I have to wait to get another gift card before I get it. I only have $0.41 left. Definetly buy the entire album. I listened to all the song on my friend's ipod. BUY THIS ALBUM! If you agree, click "yes" please!

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Its a good song and a good video.


daugtry has done it again even though he shouldve won american idol hes still doing great rock on =D


Great song. Good job guys. I can't wait until i get the new cd tonight!