David Archuleta - Therapy Sessions

℗ 2019 Archie Music

Therapy Sessions Tracklist:


Nd it puts me in a good mood. Thanks for the great music


David’s best yet! Can’t say enough good things about this album. 👏


Never been a fan of Archuleta. I do not have any singles by him. I did hear OK, Alright and I liked it. It's a slow release week, so decided to take it for a spin. Tracks like Paralized, Patient, Just Breathe and Brave hit me like WOW. This is definitely the start of a new chapter. I dont know who hurt you David, ut I'm listening


David's Therapy Sessions is a beacon of light the world needs right now. He's helping destigmatize going to therapy and getting help in a way that almost anyone can relate to. His voice is calming and hopeful while portraying raw emotions in a way that cannot be taught. I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to listen to David's new album. It's not easy to be vulnerable, especially with the entire world, but I'm so glad that David trusts enough to share his innermost feelings with us.

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My friend recommended this album to me, and I was so happy to discover him. His music is amazing; always uplifting.


The two words I can find to best describe this album are powerful and healing. This music talks about a lot of deep and real topics, many of it mental health related, but all of them are so relatable to each of us. Yet with those deep topics, most of the music is upbeat and makes you want to get up and dance! It's a perfect album for the time we are in right now with this pandemic. But, also a great go to album when you're going through the hard things life throws at us. I recommend it to everyone! This album is honestly David's best work yet - and his other albums are also amazing!


Just breathe is helping me right now...to all the front line workers. Though I’m working in a hospital in New York as well.we need a little musical therapy ❤️


I love this album and could especially listen to “Just Breathe” on repeat. Beautiful vocals and uplifting lyrics. I highly recommend it!


Vocals and lyrics are amazing! Can’t stop listening!


Dude "No Worry" So awesome


Absolutely love this album. Can’t pick a favorite, they all flow perfectly from start to finish. David Archuleta the gift that keeps on giving 👌


Groovy, fresh, and modern tunes layered with silky smooth vocals. Lots to love here. OK All Right is a total earworm!


I’m sorry is it 2009?

Chain Reader

My soul needed this....thank you🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️


Havent heard him in a long time and knowing him making a new album takes me back when he was in icarly lol


Another favorite from the album!!!...on repeat today on my iPhone!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


David has pure talent. He didn’t sell his soul to get where he is. We need more of him in this world.


David put his whole heart & soul into all his Therapy sessions album! Excellent!

Vegan moms

This album is on my top list! So inspirational and helpful to me especially with the virus. Relatable and almost like a little therapy session and pep talk in 10 awesome songs!


I love this album & David Archuleta!!


So happy to hear him let some walls down. Can’t wait to see even more come down through his next projects


Buttery smooth vocals delivering such poignant and powerful lyrics of life, challenges and victories make this album one of the best EVER created! Bravo David! You have created a masterpiece by going ALL IN in barring your soul and letting your fans and audience in. Thank you for Therapy Sessions, your gift to the world!


This is so good! I forgot about David since American idol and am a fan all over again.


This is FANTASTIC!!! David hit it out of the park with these songs. So up beat, raw , relatable and REAL. His music touches the soul. ❤️


This is the perfect album to listen to at basically any time in your life, but especially when you might be having a rough day. Deep enough to feel in your soul, but lighthearted enough to make you smile. All while reminding you that you are only human, but an absolutely amazing one at that.


Let’s be honest. David Archuleta is massively underrated! This album might be his best work to date. It’s chock full of soulful, groovy tunes with relatable lyrics. Glad to see it doing so well on these charts! Congrats, David!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


David Archuleta keeps getting better and better. I love all of these songs. And his voice is still so amazing.


Beautiful album! Radio should play his awesome music!! Patient is my favorite along with ok all be alright! ❤️❤️🤗🤗All tunes are excellent though!!


Worth all your time and more! This is probably one of the most diverse yet classic modern day pop albums you will listen to in awhile. The creative minds—-ESPECIALLY DAVID ARCHULETA HIMSELF—-you not only can tell they LOVE music by the MANY influences I can pick up on, they took a lot of smooth subtle creative risks in production and you can see the heart behind the message of the whole album. Please hit purchase above! Your ears and soul will thank you! Trust me. You’ll either become reflective or be dancing. No in between. Hahahahaha


I love how the lyrics are so deep and real but yet the beats are so head bopping good!! The best of both worlds! Great job David!


So I’ve been a fan since 2018 as you’ll be able to see from my embarrassing iTunes name I made back then...but this is by far his best album. It is so “David Archuleta” and just perfectly him. I absolutely love every song. This album is absolutely therapy. I am so proud of you, David. I hope everybody loves this album!


What a great album!! These songs truly speak to me. Another great release, David!


Amazing lyrics. Uplifting.


This album is a great follow up to Postcards in the Sky. You can tell David is getting more comfortable with who he is as an artist and is so honest and relatable! Patience and just breathe are my faves so far but I love them all 🙌🏼


David’s emotion transformation continues! Every song has great lyrics and rhythms throughout. In a time we need comfort David delivers. Bravo Mr. Archuleta!


Most underrated artist. Beautiful songs. Love ya Archie!!!


Such talent! Thank you for sharing your talent! Fantastic album many relatable things and as well great reminders! Love it!🤍


Being a David fan since 2008, this is the best album he’s released. Its deeply personal and the lyrics speaks from his soul and therapeutic. You Worry, Need, Switch are the best tracks. Job well done David!

Five stars for sure:;)

David put out a great album. The entire album is enjoyable.

Lincoln Winlatt

I love this album. Makes me remember my childhood listening to David’s albums. I’ve been a fan of him from his first album. I’ll support you forever David!


With all that is going on in this world, this album is music therapy to my ears. Loved listening to it!


Yo this his very therapeutic music. You going to dance, your mind is going go to a great place while listening. David singing is strong and soulful. You can really feel the connection with the music.


This is David’s best work yet!!

Musicfan 28

This is a great album with meaningful songs!

jo bro

David brings his incredible voice to his most honest and soulful album yet. This is the best he has ever sounded!


You can tell he poured his heart into these songs! I have this album on repeat all the time. I legit am loving this.


I have been a fan since the American Idol days. More and more it sounds like David is finding what his sound really is and singing HIS music. I’m loving it. This is a very real and relatable album.


Songs that soothe my mind and lift my spirits, thank you David ❤️

Nicolette Marie

I’ve never heard words that express what I’m feeling more than what David puts out. Always always always 110%. Such truth in every song.


I’ve been waiting for this!! David is such an amazing singer and it shows!!