Dennis DeYoung - 26 East, Vol. 1

℗ 2020 Frontiers Records

26 East, Vol. 1 Tracklist:


Just goes to show you that Dennis DeYoung doesn't need Tommy Shaw and he boys ,He IS STYX


So upon repeated listens, I’ll update my rating from 2 stars to 4 (really 3.75). While I still don’t get a ton of classic Styx here, I’ve come to appreciate it as a really good DDY release, especially at this stage in his career. I still much prefer Styx - the Mission as a Styx sounding record, but you can’t deny Dennis still has some really good vocals. (Original post) First I’ll say that I’m glad Dennis made this for his fans, and I’m glad they are all happy and love it. I’ve been a fan since 1976 and have all the band member solo records. Me, I’m just not feeling it, still sounds more like DDY solo material than classic Styx. Yes, he’s added some synth and organs solos, but the songs just don’t feel classic. I also think the guitar tone is the same he’s used since Desert Moon, and it’s not Styx sounding at all. My opinion is that Styx - the Mission sounds more classic, but hey, that’s my opinion, I’m just happy both camps are still making music. I’m not trashing DDY here, just saying it’s something I’ll not be buying after hearing what I’ve heard. Still, happy those who enjoy it have some new music.


It’s very hard to name a bad song he’s written and arranged. Even though his solo career didn’t stand out chart wise, it should’ve because everything he writes is a joy to listen to.

ty fighter

Dennis has poured his soul into this album. If your a Styx fan you will be able to hear where he created parts for the band. The album felt like a natural addition to the Styx catalog. On the other hand this is pure Dennis DeYoung. This album is an evolution of Dennis’s whole career from accordion boy, TW4, STYX, Desert Moon, to One Hundred Years. Well done. In great Styx fashion you can cherry pick the songs that speak to you in the moment or just love them all. Cheers to you Dennis thanks for all the laughs and tears!


Wow, he knocked of out of the park with this album. Classic rock vibe all the way. Love the entire album, no fillers, instant classic!


I am BIG fan of DDY & STYX and I think it’s a pretty good album, but I wanted more songs like The First Track and the Last 2 Tracks. I would have loved to here songs like Fallen Angel, Goodbye Roseland, why Me, Don’t let it end. Let’s see what Volume 2. has on it because that will be the last thing the GREAT DENNIS DEYOUNG puts out. .

Roy Solloway

Oh how I wish every 70-something singer could sound as good as Dennis. I love this album and if you have never seen Dennis perform, you must see him in concert (hopefully in 2021). He puts on a great show. This album is a gem and can't wait for Volume 2.


Been waiting for this one for quite some time. My favorite vocalist ever, teaming with songwriting legend Jim Peterik again could only be magic. And it is. Amazing what a man in his early 70’s can still accomplish and how youthful he remains vocally. Dennis- if you ever get the chance to tour again in this crazy new world, I will be there front and center. Until then, please feel free to send us many more YouTube vids!


Something for EVERYONE here. Classic Styx-style rockers, essential DeYoung sentiment, and an eclectic buffet of styles, nostalgia, and influences. Sounds more like Styx, than Styx.

Socks knocked off!

What a treat!! Dennis knocked it out of the park and has shown us he is the heart and soul of and what was special about Styx. Listening to 26 East, Vol 1 has taken me back to the days of putting the album on and listening through headphones. Looking forward to the vinyl arriving so I can do it again! Thanks Dennis for taking the time to craft this masterpiece!! Looking forward to Vol 2 :)


Rock and Roll DDY!

Waren B.

He is the voice of Styx!!!! But most important, his voice is pure and magical. Well done and the mix is outstanding.


Both released tracks are fantastic and East of Midnight is the best sounding and most Styx-like song I’ve heard since Dennis was in the band. Almost everything I loved about Styx growing up is represented in this song - the cool progressive rock vibe, the harmonies and of course Dennis DeYoung’s fantastic and one of a kind lead vocals. I didn’t think he could top his last fantastic solo album “One Hundred Years From Now” but I think he may have!

Dime Rider

From the two songs I heard I'm very excited to hear this entire album. How anyone could write how disappointed they were is just silly. It'll be a cold day in you know where before the other boys get my money for their pale imitation of Dennis. No Dennis, no Styx. It's that simple.


While the other members continue to struggle with quality new music Dennis continues to please his old fans. Excited to hear the rest of the album.

Steve Ahrendt

It hasn’t always been a smooth ride for Dennis but as the author of some of the greatest songs ever written he deserves better. So here we are in 2020 and why should we have any expectations at all? But in those quietest of moments genius always shines through. With little fanfare this album is due to arrive shortly and two songs lead the creative charge. East of Midnight harkens back to the late 70’s. When I listened I heard a song that could have come from Cornerstone or Pieces of Eight. The backing band is not Styx but it certainly gets you close with signature swirling harmony and just the right amount of gratuitous guitars and keyboards we love. To The Good Old Days features Julian Lennon and the harmonies they share are magical. Beatley in the best ways but it takes me back to Desert Moon as well. We have no right to expect these songs but we got them anyway, so fortune is smiling on us. If the rest of this album follows suit I sure hope there is a Volume two...Bravo Dennis this is a crowning achievement at long last