Elevation Worship - Graves into Gardens (Deluxe) [Live]

℗ 2020 Elevation Worship Records

Graves into Gardens (Deluxe) [Live] Tracklist:


There isn’t a song on the album I don’t like. Love their music and as always the lyrics are always on point! 🙌🏽


Every song became a favorite! Such depth and Holy Spirit anointing. Amazing!

Go Sabrina!!

So much anointment in these songs! Praise God!🙏🏼🤍


Thank you Elevation Worship and Elevation Church for this album! RATTLE is my fight song and it has gotten me through some of the hardest days!! Pastor Steven said people are saying that the song The Blessing makes them cry, and he said Rattle makes him cry - and I agree!! We had tickets to the Elevation Worship nights tour that was recently canceled, which is disappointing, but I'm believing that we will still get to experience hearing this powerful album live another time!! Who knows - maybe we will take a trip to North Carolina!! DRY BONES HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD! LIVE!!!!!


I love Tauren Wells, elevation worship, and royal tailor so I always love it when elevation features Tauren..


Great Album

Holistic Right

I didn't buy the album because something is not right. Both versions are $20!? Why? There are at least 3 less songs on the standard version. I don't know why all the music videos are on both either. $20 is a lot even for the deluxe version. The standard should be $9.99 especially if it doesn't have one of their featured singles. Doesn't make sense. Apple needs to fix the pricing. I rated for the pricing issue.


This is definitely the best album they have ever done! So so proud!


OK, it's like God said, this is what my children need to hear, so Elevation gave us Graves into Garden. Church at home has never been so good! Words cannot justify how good this is...


Worth it


Love this album!! A solid set of amazing, anointed songs!! Praise be to the King of Kings!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻✝️

Camp Fuego fanatic!

Wow!! So good!! Elevation Worship focused on writing about the wonderful character of God and how we need to be ready in order to fulfill the purpose that He has given us through Jesus Christ.


Best album I’ve ever listened to. If you are looking for an album to really feel God’s presence this is the one for you!


Starting your day with music that moves your heart closer to God and sounds like updated music of today couldn’t get any better.


Probably best hour and fifteen minutes you will ever spend. This album is transcending generations, cultural boundaries, ministering to people in their worst season, giving hope, and creating opportunities to worship and praise our God. The songwriting coming out of this house is second to none.🦴🙌🏼🔥


I love this album. I was bummed to discover that my pre-release purchase didn’t include all of the songs and the one that speaks to me the most, Rattle. Oh well.


Amazing Worship Album, for any believer! Elevation Worship makes great songs that can be sung different generations across any church!!!!


Gods timing is perfect with Graves to Garden. Working in healthcare through COVID these songs have brought healing, peace and rattle to my life.


Chris Brown. Need I say more?


Says it all. Puking as I write this.

Adel Whiteman

Adel Whiteman: My husband, Deputy Sheriff Sheldon Whiteman died in the line of duty on January 23, 2020. He was on a high speed chase and lost control of his vehicle and left the road. When he died, I knew he got the victory and God needed a warrior. This lost hurt my children, my family, and I so bad because he was a spirit filled man grounded in Christ and an amazing father who loved us unconditionally. We lost the man of our home, not the head of our home because our Lord will always be the head of our home. We continue to hold on to Jesus’ garment. We trust God and we know we are secure in Christ. My husband loved you, Pastor Furtick and your praise and worship team. We planned to visit Elevation this year. We listened to your sermons daily and anxiously awaited for the new sermons on a Sunday. After his death, my children and I continued to tune in to your sermons and worship which kept us uplifted. We viewed your sermon when you all sang “Rattle” and we immediately felt Christ giving us life during our time of grief. “LIVE” you yelled and we started repeating “LIVE,” God took control! This album is a renewing of our spirit and brought complete focus to our faith. I listen to the album over and over skipping none of the songs as they all bring a renewed anointing, peace, comfort, joy, faith, love, and security in Christ. I miss my husband more than words can explain, but I know he is at peace with Christ. This album means so much to me and I know my husband would have loved it! I thank God for Pastor Furtick and the Elevation Praise and Worship Team.

Trust and Us



What even is this?

Mercy Saves

These songs were definitely inspired by the Holy Spirit!!!!!


I’m in love with this whole album


These songs are God’s truth and His love for us. Thank you God and Elevation Church for these powerful messages. I serve the Living God. As I worshipped, the presence of God was evident. Through these songs, God is pouring out His healing, filling my head and life with His hope and promises so that I can live. In the midst of pain, I will believe and I will live. Thank God for you, Pastor Steven and Elevation Church! Keep shining and keep sharing the goodness of God!


so thankful for this house, these lyrics, His anointing and the power we get to experience worshipping His Word!


I believe this is Elevation’s best album yet! The songs are amazing in every way. Lots of energy and anointing going on here. Vocals are tops as well. Excellent job Elevation!


This album is a new season for you to know where you stand your ground on following Christ. Are you available for him to use, if he walks in this room (your life) how will you worship or praise him. At the same time, worship God for who he is the King of kings


This was painfully underwhelming


There are no words to describe how powerful this album is! LOVE LOVE LOVE


Be aware!!!!!! If you buy this album for some HEAT!!!! This about to change your life! #Blessed


Amazing... I love love love this album!!


not good. buy Charmbracelet by Mariah Carey #JusticeForCharmbracelet

Doll James McKinney

This album is AMAZING!!! It really takes you to the throne of God in praise and worship. God has done it again with this album!!! Thank you Elevation and Pastor Furtick for allowing the GREAT GOD ALMIGHTY to work through you in what He has gifted you to do!!!! Love you much!!!


Not even close to what Elevation usually puts out. Very disappointing.


Good book

AA in North Carolina

I have an Elevation Worship bias, but this collection is EXCEPTIONAL!! Since "Never Lost" was first performed at church last fall/winter, I've listened to the other songs and learned the lyrics. Elevation Church has been a blessing in my life, and this album is full of heart songs that never fail to minister. Add to all this the ANOINTED leaders and congregation on the night of this recording, and you have a Holy Spirit-filled, Jesus-centered, God-glorifying time of worship. Don't just download your favorites; spend the money and buy the full album! You will not regret it.


I thank God for Elevation church/worship for sharing all that God has given them with the world. We need you all to keep doing what you’re doing and letting God use each and every one of you. This church shows so much unity of every race and all different styles. I’m so excited about this album. Side note for Pastor Steven Furtick... my aunt Myrtle lives in Monks Corner and when I ask her did she know you she said, “yes honey, him and Mack went to school together. Tell him I said hey.” LOL! I told her it wasn’t that easy. So if you read this my Aunt Myrtle said hey😁.




This album is amazing and I pray that it ministers to others!!


I paid $19.99, more than I usually spend on an album and I only got the first 10 songs! Why?

diamondwarrior X

You guys have written and put together a lot of extremely good albums in the past, but this blows the socks off of anything you’ve ever done in the past. Well done!


Obviously God has a heavy hand in this workmanship! The songs know how to touch your soul and bring you closer to God! I’m obsessed!! Thank you Pastor Furtick and Elevation Worship for this beautiful masterpiece !!!


Powerful, honest, and full of truth. Yes Jesus, you can have it all, all that I am! This album will breathe life into your soul; it will bring you to your knees❤️


Music about a book and story as real as Harry Potter. Hard pass


Best Elevation album I have ever heard. May be the best praise and worship album I have heard. Heck may be the best album I have ever heard. Goodness!


So good 🙌🏽