Fiona Apple - Fetch The Bolt Cutters

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Fetch The Bolt Cutters Tracklist:


This album is creative and unique, but mostly percussive, sometimes even uncomfortable. If you are looking for something interesting and experimental this is for you, if you are looking for vocal beauty keep moving because its just not that kind of album.


I've been a Fiona fan since the beginning and loved every one of her CDs up to now. Is this the best you could do after making us wait 8 years? I bought this the second it was released and now wish I listened to it on youtube first. So diassapointed.

Jah Boo

Amazing album! Best I have heard in years!!!


LOL just look at the 5 star reviews compared to the 1 star reviews. It’s a no brainer. I read one review about somebody having to detox after listening to this? You’re kidding right? I imagine you listen to garbage if you think this is bad. Fiona has been my number one. For years. And this album has been on repeat all day. Raw (but not too raw like the last album. I did enjoy it but it was a bit too raw). It’s like a mix of her first three albums. She will never not be amazing. Never not be talented. I’m so happy you’re back. I’ve been waiting for so long for this! Good job!


Thank you Fiona. No one compares to you.


It’s so annoying to listen to, don’t waste your time


I thought maybe just maybe the Idler Wheel was an anomoly - which is to say pretty much an unlistenable mess of an album. No it is the current direction of Fiona Apple. This album continues what began in 2012 with a disonant, badly produced, badly edited sequel. There are actually a couple okay songs in here, Fetch the Bolt Cutters being one. But to call this album "challenging" is a euphemism for something unpleasant. I bet you will only listen through this once and never bother with it again, proud to say to others you found this to be a "piece of art" or "unique". Don't fool yourself and don't waste your money. .


Fiona....I have been in love with you for 25 years. I feel like an old boyfriend who hooks up about every 8 years. Songcraft at its finest. Sweet nectar for the ears. Always worth the wait, Thank you! I hope you never shut up.


I expect nothing less from Fiona.


I'm 60 later this year. I've heard a lot of albums. This is one of the best. Full stop.

Erdrick Alt-Text

With this release, she remains one of the greatest artists of my generation. This is not pop--this is real, raw, and unlike anything else you'll hear this year. Pure art.


Perhaps I've aged out, but I like pain mixed with sweetness. I'll stick with Joni Mitchell.

some1 with good taste

okay, this album is a masterpiece and has so much meaning. its amazing how much range fiona has and how much meaning her music has. all of the people who have been giving it low rates just plainly hate women and are incels who don’t believe in women’s rights.


Something about this just did not sound good to me. Lyrically it is a good album but I don’t enjoy listening to it. I would not listen to it again


This album continues to blow my mind with every listen as I hear and comprehend more lyrics, subtleties, instruments, emotion and meaning. I love an album that has many layers to keep you entertained, thinking and enthralled without dissing it after a few listens. Well done Fiona!

F3y Redda

around the block, up a fire escape, and into the mind of Fiona Apple. This is NOT Tidal. This is NOT When the Pawn... But, she definitely planted the seeds of these Bolt-cutters sounds. There's a strictly Apple-musicality and splendid ecstatic percussion that sounds like a live rendition of a fever-dream of her worst memories colliding with a quiet humble quarantined life-style, tucked away from show-business and glamor. Stop comparing her with what YOU want/expected from her. My advice for enjoying her music: Shut up, and listen.


Great song writing interesting and up lifting music. Favorite tracks Heavy Balloon and Newspaper. Instant Classic....


Powerful, witty and poetic all at once. Exceptional!!

Jackson Catlett

just listen bruh


Fiona has yet to release a weak album. It makes the long waits in between albums more bearable knowing that she will produce something truly amazing and unique that requires multiple listens to uncover all the depth and layers hidden beneath the surface. And her latest does not disappoint. She is a genius and I’m so grateful that unlike many other artists she did not choose to delay the release of this masterwork. We need it now more than ever.

Rusty gypsy

A life changing album for any woman that questions herself.


An instant Fiona classic! I have been listening to this on repeat since it came out and I keep hearing new things. It is fun, feisty, fantastic and percussive. The lyrics are Quotable and the melodies are hummable. This is my favorite Fiona album among all her amazing albums. A landmark I will always come back to. Thank you Fiona!!!!


It gets better after every listen. She's one of a KIND🙏🏻


My new mantra -- I spread like strawberries, I climb like peas and beans. This old Gen X lady is reading Liz Phair's new memoir and jamming to Fiona Apple. (I'm enjoying the latter more than the former.)


I don’t get the hype, cuz to me this kinda sounds awful, and I normally like more experimental music!


Challenging, engaging, wonderful textures. Full of darkness, light, anger & redemption with a splash of twisted humor. This is an album I didn't even realize I needed this badly. Truly welcome in an era oversaturated with pure pop. Good to hear a true artist flexing her muscles again.


Fiona Apple is one of those rare, amazing artists with a unique voice and who is overflowing with musical ideas. But here, the music is self produced and it shows. The Beatles needed George Martin. Fiona needs Jon Brion. This album, sadly, is a mess.


Este álbum es perfecto y saca la crudeza y potencial de Fiona sin ningún tipo de arreglo vocal y sin las típicas ataduras de coros... ❤️

Jille E

At first I wasn't sure because it sounded so different, but upon second listen I was much intrigued and by the third I concluded it is one of the best albums, ever. It is unilike anything I have ever heard. It is a work of lyrical genius and musical mastery. Different from all her other albums and yet still different from everything else in the same way, if that is possible. This album contains so many layers that I discover something new every time I listen. And, the triumphant spirit and frenetic energy of the album is both refreshing to hear coming from her (if her other albums have resonated with you, and you too, have grown and learned and come out the better for it on the other end, then this one certainly will as well), and an eerie yet welcome perfect fit for these times, right now.


While the musicality of the album is great it's disjointed to the point is dissonance, which makes it hard to listen to.


Bad music


Never fails. The pointless one star reviews by people who think elevator music is avant grade. Thanks Fiona. We needed this.


My new favorite album


Good thing I have all this toilet paper because I can’t stop touching myself while listening to this!


I recommend listening with headphones on the first listen. You don’t want to miss this.


i mean its something very new for me to listen to but that’s the whole reason i love it so much. blown away


Fiona never disappoints. This album is raw and unapologetic. Well worth the 8 year wait.




I am always astonished at the words Fiona is able to make up: Original, poetic and ingenious.


I’m bias, being a super fan, but I love the new album. This new percussive lyricism she explores in Fetch the Bolt Cutters (written 2015-2020) has me buzzing. She is really playing with her voice. It’s raw, loud, fun, and different. Some moments for me were reminiscent of “Two Virgins” with John and Yoko - in a good way. 😉 The piano dominance of her previous work is just a whisper in this album, replaced by melodic percussion, which sings in compliment to her. Being in quarantine makes you want to beat at the walls, and this album gives you that release.


This is by far the biggest stretch sonically from anything else Fiona has done, while being perhaps the most raw incarnation of her talent. This album is a tough listen. It’s not smooth and shallow but rather, crispy, crunchy, brash and bold and deep. It somehow manages to be the least “produced-sounding” album while also being a bit of a marvel in its complicated instrumentation. It has really grown on me over the last week and my initial reactions were only like warm. Fiona shines in a whole different light with this album and there is something unique and fantastic about it.


What in THE PHUK is THIS! Omg just a bunch of junk threw together, doesn’t even make sense.


are there any actual songs on this album?? You know, with actual melodies? And a good singing voice?

love my lip gloss

Not the best


As much as I’d love for Bob Dylan to win presuming he has a full new album about to be released, it’s gonna be tough for anyone to make an album better than Fiona Apple’s here. It grabs you from the start and I keep on coming back. Well, well done Ms Apple. Your talent and rhythmical techniques are so fun and hard to mimic upon early listens.


There are some cool songs here. I still long for the days of her more polished work like love ridden, paperbag, criminal, pale September etc. all in all I love her. She takes risks and is amazing.

Mrs. Schaible

Simply amazing.


Exactly what we needed right now. Finally some good new music ♥️


Self-indulgent mess, fingernails on a chaulkboard would be easier to listen to... might be good for GITMO torture device


I reviews on here make it seem like it’s the freakin’ white album or something. Dude this is garbage. I can tolerate branching out and pushing boundaries. But this is awful and way you cut it. Save your money.