Indigo Girls - Look Long

℗ 2020 Indigo Girls, Inc., Under exclusive license to Rounder Records. Distributed by Concord.

Look Long Tracklist:

katryn nolan

My new fav IG album! ❤️me some A&E


I've been an Indigo Girls fan since the late 80's I have been to many concerts and love this album. Wonderful song writers and true musicians! I don't understand the one star reviews.


Wonderful album, filled with energy and (as always) thoughtful lyrics. Great to hear from the Indigo Girls again.


This is a cohesive album with clever use of instruments/beats and some of their best harmonies in years. Good flow between the tracks. One of their more pop-sounding albums.




Beautiful, new album! So happy to have seen them on the road over the years and last summer they rocked with the Utah Symphony in Park City! I have loved the Live streams this year! They bring peace to my heart! I own all of their albums and have been following them since the 90s and this is a wonderful new addition! Harmonies are amazing as always! All heart and beautiful lyrics! This album is a must have! Grammys here they come! ❤️👍


This album is worth the wait. The songs and the harmonies will be instant hits among their legions of fans. If this was not truly 5 stars, I would not have written my first ever review. This album is special. This album, this duo is exactly who we need during these uncertain times. Thank you Emily and Amy for this gift.


After a couple of years, Amy and Emily deliver on another diverse tapestry of songs that will enlighten new fans and bring new tracks of sing alongs for their loyal Indigo family. The songs bring feelings, sounds and rhythms of times gone past and yet others are full of a contemporary pop that will surely warrant air time on various genres of music radio and streaming. Sh** Kicking and Country Radio are immediately relevant and worthy of award nominations. This is a great new album that proves the Indigo Girls are as powerful and relevant as they have ever been. Well done, IG!


What a fantastic new album from the Girls ... arriving just in time for a very different sort of summer. Amy and Emily's songs and the music they make together are everything. This collection is adventurous, funky, and full of questions and hope. See on the road soon, y'all!


Amazing songwriters and musicians. Never fail to deliver. LOVE the girls!! ❤️❤️

Daryn K.

It’s long over due...they deserve more Grammys!