John Legend - Bigger Love

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Bigger Love Tracklist:




Love his voice and this album has made a great addition to our summer playlist:)


I stream music mostly buy purchase albums that are great. I just bought this one. Ignore the 1stars- hahaha 45 fans are tired of losing it seems.




This album is beautiful celebration of love from beginning to end.


John Legend has the innate ability to capture the heart and one’s true emotions and put them into songs. Great Album by one of my Favorite Piano Men!

W p T

Loving the entire album it is a must have!!💕




Although this is definitely not one of my favorite albums by him, his joy love, and spirit really shows and that’s what matters most. My favorite song is Never Break.

DG Storm

Amazing! John continues to create solid music with great beats and meaningful lyrics. Thank you for keeping R&B alive.


This album is dope!!! So many good songs to groove to!


Not the typical John Legend. Feels rushed to finish. Sorry John 😟

Bill's iPhoneX

See Ed red

tooor ok.

Youibbbbbbn NYU poi is ihhh ??!


John Legend is very talented. And, for that reason I think this album falls way short. He’ll have a hard time getting me to buy anything else of his.


5 stars of off the ending track alone, Never Break.


You'll See...


This album is bananas and the song with Jain idk her last name but it’s amazing


Use to be one of my favorite artist but after this album I’m done with this dude. Couldn’t even find 1 song that was decent. Smh..


Nothing but a garbage one hit wonder.

Stephen l.

This loser bailed out vandalists. Enough said.


We need the old John back


John Legend is amazingly talented. This album is great. He is still going strong after all these years. Let the haters hate!


People who are eating it low just can’t handle musical change and growth and that’s their problem, they’re also basing their vote off of political views smh This whole album is amazing good job John 🔥❤️




I used to like John Legend...and then he and his wife became political. Have no use for his "opinions". Defund the police? Hell no! I vow to defund John Legend and anyone who supports the destruciton of this country by refusing to buy anything or have anything to do with whatever they are involved in. And also - during the Covid concerts they put on - he sucked!!!


Ralph’s and Publix will have this on heavy rotation. I can hear it now...


Clearly JOhn is just phoning it in at this point. You can feel the boredom with this one...its absolutely vepid. Granted some sheep will eat anything...but those with any taste at all will pass on this one!


Don’t waste your money

Big baby 88

🔥🔥🔥🔥disregard all the negative haters!! This album is a great one!! People who are miserable and unsatisfied with themselves will always have something negative to say!!


It’s growing on me. More uptempo tracks that’s been missing from his past albums. Almost up there with Evolver and Once Again


He just can’t sing to me

Bren -Bten

E W.&F.


The emotions this album can make you feel...I have no words. His voice, the lyrics, the composition. It’s amazing.


Not his best album but I love this album sonically.


Consistently makes quality music!

Linda km.


Humble face

This dude really think we are here to listen to this terrible boring ass voice singing my a** to sleep. The R in R&B is not here so there for I’m not here.

Lifelong Seattlelite

Watching John’s special and loving the song “Never Break” - had only planned to buy it until I saw the racist trolls! Screw them!!

Phi BR

This is a complete album, finally we’re getting R&B back!

Mrs Teri W.

The long awaited album has finally been released, and it certainly didn’t disappoint!


Slow Cooker and Remember Us❤️❤️❤️outstandingly amazing!!


Love this guy


This album is bomb. Bunch of haters commenting on here.

Zachary Boccard

Like I’m gonna be real, who in 2020 is still listening to John Legend? probably your grandmother. John, quit singing. Save your voice for Christy.

MiddleAged music junkie

So passé, old tired lyrics and melodies. May need to find a new line of work

Your average listener

I think you just not bringing it weak

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