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And what’s with the politics?


Longtime fan,and this might very well be their best!!!! If you like Lamb of God, buy this immediately, don't believe the 1 stars from the fox news lemmings.


These reviews are too funny. Everyone's brain has been ruined by social media. I bet you the same people killing LoG for their politics love them some And Justice for All.

Jump off jb

Love this album the music is fantastic the lyrics are great happy to see they still killing it after so many years!


I was not expecting so many negative reviews. I couldn't care less about politics in lyrics anymore, I care more about how the music sounds. I will admit, when Sturm und Drang came out I really had no idea how they were going to make another album as great as that one was, it almost felt like that was their peak. The band still has their same sound as previous albums but so far, nothing has stood out for me as "amazing". However, I'm all ears to listen to the rest when it comes out. Edit: Well, after a few spins of the album I have to admit there isn't too much to be hyped about for this release. It feels as though they had leftover riffs from the last few albums and pieced them all together. A few songs sound like they could have been on Resolution. There isn't anything that really stands out on the album besides Resurrection Man, Routes (because Chuck f'n Billy) and Poison Dream, I can't stand Jasta's vocals though. This isn't a bad album by any means, but it is a disappointment for being a follow up to Sturm und Drang, which was fantastic and in my top 3 LoG albums. Overall, a good listen but just lacking in anything special.


Theses guys keep getting better!! Metal is King , Lamb of God is leading the way!!🤘

ya boi h

These guys killed it once again, and if you don’t like the politics, don’t listen! Don’t fix it if it’s not broken. Similar formula, killer outcome.


An excellent addition to the Lamb of God catalogue. Self titled is a return to form, exceeding Resolution, VII: Storm und Drang, and Legion: XX (Burn the Priest). Art Cruz is an excellent addition, and more than fills in on the drums for the departed Chris Adler. I appreciate the personal nature of the album, reflected in Randy’s lyrics. It’s awesome to hear Testament’s Chuck Billy guesting on “Routes,” which documents Blythe’s experience at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. This is true American metal.


This album is heavy!


Recommend highly by Jacob Isaiah Goff


I see a lot of hate about their political themes in their songs. I’m a conservative and love these dudes nonetheless. Get over yourselves! We are all different. We can disagree and get along. This album is a banger!

Cliff never die

Listen right now obviously I didn’t expect nothing else but a good stuff from LOG


Heavy as always. Lyrics involve political spins but idc


Can’t believe jasta joined you clowns for a song

A-12 924

All the songs sound exactly the same. Nevermind the's musically very boring.


This is Lamb of God’s best album since ashes!! Every song on this record is good !! Not one filler track . Best to worst in order. Ashes of the wake Lamb of god Sacrament Sturm As the palaces burn Wrath Resolution New American gospel


Gotta say this album is a epic sonic breath of fire, perfect soundtrack for this f’d up 2020 pandemic year. Stay Metal!!! Favorite album since Sacrament/Ashes


Nothing new, same sounds, lack of music.


I know some won’t want to hear the message and will complain because the message isn’t in their agenda . But if given a chance this is a great slice of Americana shred across and relentless metal backdrop


Like others, I listen to escape the news...not have my favorite band shove their opinion down my throat. Junkie Blythe seems to think people are going to take his advice...perhaps he should get his own affairs in order. Love LoG but I ll be skipping this one.

A guy from jersey

The music is fantastic but the lyrics are way too political. Randy is trying to shove his liberal agenda and mind set down our throats worse than Corey from Slipknot. The best vocalist in metal has drank the lefts kool aid and I fear there is no coming back.


If you are crying about the “political lyrics” then you need to go back and listen to earlier Lamb of God. They’ve been there a while. Also, if the lyrics bother you then you are probably exactly the type of person the lyrics are about and you probably need to find a different band to listen to. Probably, Trapt. Go listen to that idiot. Anyways, the review, the music is good, definitely a mix of Newer LOG and older. It’s all over the board from Thrash-y songs like “Poison Dream” featuring Jamey Jasta to gloomy brooding songs like “Momento Mori”. The stand out track is “Resurrection Man”. It’s a slow, heavy barn burner along the lines of Omerta. Well worth the price!


Only an idiot would read that entire iTunes review


Been a fan of LOG since AOTW. Favorites on this album are: Resurrection Man, Poison Dream, and Routes.


Love it. LOG sounding like they did from Ashes of the Wake and Sacrament. 🤘🏼


What happened??? LOG once had that sway. They had that emotion. This is all wrong and just utter crap.


Once again, LoG has come through with another shredfest of a record. Kinda bummed Chris is gone but Art is a great fit here. And let’s be honest, if they waited until after the record came out to announce Chris was gone, 99% of the people complaining wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference. Well done fellas 🤘🏻


So happy with this album release! The riffs, the drums, the energy in every song. LOG definitely put their heart into this one and it’s paid off. Loving each kick and bang of the drums, Cruz is bringing some new life to the group. This one’s going on repeat.


Long time fan and was eagerly awaiting this album, then I heard the crybaby liberal lyrics. You have lost me as one of MANY of your fans. If you don’t like America go back the Czech Republic.

L. Pirard

Quit whining about the lyrics, people. They still know how to make boppin’ music, dammit.


Complete garbage!


No one does pure metal better than lamb of god. Zero f’ing around. Best album since Sacrament!


The GODS of Metal are back with a Vengence!!! First song has the old vibes. Gears has new twist with Art crushing the drums(Long Live PRONG!!) Resurrection Man is the most Brutal song EVER!!! Welcome back Brothers!!!


I don’t care about the politics. This album is bad enough on its own merits. It doesn’t need any help to be worse. Yet here we are.


No thanks, enough with the political crap already


Grow up, this is trash


Mark and Willie absolutely kill it throughout this whole album. Art Cruz is a great addition, as Randy says, he brings back some youth to the band. Randy’s vocals are killer as usual. Nobody ever talks about John so I’m going to give him a shout. John, your bass lines are incredible. The dexterity possessed by the three of you guys is enlivening. Outstanding album from start to finish!!!! I personally don’t let political stances from members in a band ruin my passion for their music. At the end of the day, LoG is still an amazing band with respectable members who stand for something. I agree with a lot of the general points these songs are shedding light on, even though I’m a conservative. Randy’s right when he infers that corporations own this country.


The outcry about LoG being political is absurd. True fans and those who appreciate metal actually listen to lyrics, and LoG’s lyrics have always been political. What have all of those complaining been listening to this whole time?


After hearing the full album I decided to change my score.


2020 has sucked imo for metal. Knowing LoG had an album in the works had me excited. Having Chris Adler leave was going to be a huge disappointment because as a former drummer, I’m a huge fan. The new guy is good but the groove aspect is now gone. It just doesn’t have the same feel. And if feels like there are way too many songs “featuring” someone. It’s like pop, hip hop or rap; there’s always a song “featuring” someone. Makes me wonder if they just ran out of their own ideas and had to bring in help. Maybe they just wanted to jam with friends/peers? Either way, I’ll still be playing the album but it won’t get as heavy rotation as their older stuff.


Doesn't dissappoint. Resurrection Man is my personal favorite.


It’s all the same. So deafening. Just like their music nowadays. I miss Chris. Most disappointing release by Lamb of God


At first I found myself thinking this was going to be generic LOG album. The more I listened I found myself thinking, “Wow! There is more going on with the music. I little more progression that makes the listener be surprised by what’s next, as apposed to thinking they know it all. Honestly, I think most of the hate is because people don’t like Randy’s political views. Which is BS and those people (they don’t deserve to be called fans) don’t care about music as much as they care about their political views being validated by their idols. If you’re that person, then you are not a fan of art. You are looking to have your ego stroked by someone on a higher level then you. I AM a right-leaning person politically but still see hypocrisy when fan hate on Randy’s views, then make no mention of how good or bad the music is. Then take a band that makes right winged statements, love that band. Then give them and instant 5 stars because that band made good music that (more importantly to them) incorporated their political views.


Lamb of God should have kept their music separate from anything political. I listen to their music to escape from hearing about everyday politics. Now politics has overwhelmed everything.

I will be the end of you

LOG has produced a straight the face banger . Not as technical as their other albums but never lets up. Brutal and to the point. Addressees some very important political topics


Pack your bags boys you’ve overstayed your welcome. And take your soy boy rock with you.

Kit Karamak

I’m going to give a FULL review here, message, lyrics, musicality... I see lots of people whining about LoG being too political. But it was okay when their lyrics complained about Bush and Obama? Why do Trump supporters take everything so personally, but past presidents are fair game?? EVERYONE criticizes a sitting president. It’s an American RIGHT, and I dare say an American pastime. The messages of these lyrics are not all political, but if you are easily offended when DJT is even so much as questioned, this particular LoG album is not for you. Yes, Chris Adler left. His career is “glowing up.” Ever since LoG’s legal fees bankrupted the band, he has been doing a LOT of projects. He has played for Megadeth, Protest the Hero, and so much more. His schedule is overloaded. He did not leave because Blythe’s lyrics are political-critical of DJT. Also, Blythe is not a “woke millionaire.” He might have a net worth of 2 million on some website, but after all the legal fees to prove his innocence in Prague, do you really think the band would worry about the cost of their children if they were all millionaires? Sure, that happens if they liquidate everything and sell all their gear, cars, and their homes, but get real. The reviews I’m seeing on here are disgusting. Musically and sonically, LoG is at the top of their game. The new drummer plays similar to Adler’s style, and he compliments the band nicely. The lyrics are LoG through and through. Blythe isn’t just some dude running around a stage with a tiger costume head … he is a well-read man with enough intelligence to quip about what is happening in this nation at the time. The structure of the songs ranges and varies heavily in this album. Some sound very similar to material found on other albums, sonically speaking, and have a similar feel. Other songs feel quit fresh and new. The low end is quite standard LoG style - nothing that stands out, but it holds down the bottom of the songs without being too flashy. Some of the riffs used in LoG songs stand out well. LoG has always been a band of riffs. By that I mean that their most memorable work is not comprised of power-chord compositions, but also does not have a lot in the way of solos — their best songs are made up of memorable riffs that combine licks with chord fretting that stand out well. This album is NOT Ashes of the Wake nor is it Sacrament. It isn’t Wrath. Don’t expect it to be these albums. Those albums are where the band was, 15 & 10 years ago. In conclusion, it is fabulous dad-metal. It is fantastic democratic metal. It is terrible Republican rhetoric, so don’t expect that. It is NOT “escapist lyrics” metal. It never was. LoG has hated on republican and christianity for decades, now. It does nothing groundbreaking, because the band is staying a course, musically. They did not write an album of radio singles, here. They wrote an album that sounds great all the way through. Love it or hate it, LoG is in their element here. If you don’t like that, there are a million other metal bands out there, and with all the political strife in America today, Blythe has tons of inspiration for the next several albums already. Quit whining that metal bands are being political. No crap. Music has always been political. Four out of five stars.


These people "complaining" don't know the band. Don't be fooled by reviews from non fans trolling.


I guess Trump supporters won’t be at your concerts, but we Native Americans will be there.