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℗ 2008 Little Idiot

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This Is Music For The Soul....

Squak Squak

I don’t believe you played this at your “21 yEaR oLd SonS fUnErAl” You would be bursting into tears but NO! You are being a disrespectful mother and saying that your “sOn” died like it’s no big deal!!! WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!? Awesome soundtrack btw


Also, spirit, nice moody 🎶 music. Glad I gave it a listen. Beautiful and timeless.


My ringtone


Great album!! Love to use it in my yoga classes


The song 'Flower' was played during my basic training and we would do push-ups according to the best and lyrics! Haha, memories ..

Nurk Twin

One of the saddest songs ever written...... Like it very much.


Yes...I just said it! This is it the holy grail of all electronica albums. Every song on this album is a hit and still rocks to this day. Pure classic that cemented electronica into late 90's culture and brought it into the early 2000's. Everyone should have this album - it's Moby's finest and one of the greatest albums ever.


This album defies, and at the same time defines multiple genres. It is not electronic, dance, house, blues, or even trip-hop; yet it is all of this and more. I only mean to say that this album has broad appeal. I find that even some of the b-side songs have grown on me over time, to the point where I like them more than the well known chart toppers. The best $10 you’ll spend on iTunes.

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Wow this album is a master piece! It’s so relaxing to listen to. A must buy for anyone who loves electronic music!


Where's the south side remix with Gwen Stefani singing?

Heartagram Fan

I took a look around a thrift shop and I found Moby's Play. I didn't think twice to buy it for three bucks! I got home and listened to it. Amazing album! My weakness is my favorite track! I feel lucky!


Moby is amazing, more of his older music. Play is one of Moby's finer albums. This album has a mix of, pop, electronic, soft rock, and new age. Hearing the same lyrics in the songs over and over at times isn't so bad. Five stars, great album!

Nine foot ninger

I absolutely love moby's music!!! It is just so awesome!!!!!!!!

It takes a thief

If you want a great album from front to back, here you go.


Whenever I here that song I think of the movie Holes.


the years have passed, but the album is still as amazing as ever. timeless tunes. thank you moby


Keep up the good work Moby and keep original your doing good so far.

Kamikaze Kansan

There's something deeply artistic, soothing and perpetually inspiring about Moby's music that takes me to another place when I listen to it. Nothing better than to lay down, play "Rushing" and smoke a couple bowls.


"Porcelain" is such a powerful song... And I also love "Flower" also... AMAZING!!😍


This album is a journey in itself.


i played this at my 21 year old's son's funeral as the "exit" song. what more can i say


This is one of the best albums I own and one that will stay with me forever. An amazing experience from start to end. Thank you Moby, this changed my life...


Good Beat just needs to not say the same words every time


Your songs are so different then the other electronic music but i love it


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my music thacher told us about moby

808 Reptilian

Well done Moby, by far one of your best albums. I love "Honey" and "Natural Blues" and who couldn't love "Porcelain?" All of his music makes me want to take a walk through the park on a rainy day and just gather my thoughts. Thanks Moby! :)


I was listening to "Without Me" by Eminem and I heard him criticize Moby. I looked up Moby on iTunes and clicked on this CD. I listened to a couple of songs and it was.....amazing!!! A must buy!!!


I've been dying for something new for a while. I have a very eclectic music library, but never paid Moby any real attention. What a mistake! This is a fantastic album and a great way to break up the monotony of today's mediocre music.

Johann Kotze

Both eclectic & commercial. Original, inventive, creative, yet with the hooks & passion of the blues, beats and ambient elements. Moby is an awesome artist. Love his new stuff but this blows one away in a younger, looser way. An artist that really knows how to rock.

All in a Day

My favorite Song on this album, "My Weakness", I first heard on an episode of "The X Files". Ever sence then I have been looking for this song and who created it. I am so glad i was able to track it down and find the amazine artist who made it.

Abu Nazir

Moby is so great because his music is not only beautiful and good to dance and listen to, but many of his songs also have good lyrics. This is what real, good electronic dance music sounds like.

Kurious Geo

I will always cherish this CD as one stellar example of beautiful music. Driving around MAUI along the Pacific ocean listening to this CD literally brought tears to my eyes. It was all just so beautiful, so relaxing, so sensory. One underrated track, INSIDE. Listen to it while one is driving in the most beautiful place you can imagine. You will agree. Bravo to Moby for creating this masterpiece that withstands the test of time.


Ah..What can I say? This album is probably one of the most genius examples of music I have ever heard, I love Moby because his music is unlike anything I have ever heard. From the amazing Everloving to My weakness, I've played this album from beginning to end, Pretty much fallen in love with it....I would definetely recommend this album to anyone looking for original music...I could go on and on about how much I love it, Thatt's how awesome it is...


...can go back to hating their neighbors in the trailer park and the projects. it's too bad they cant appreciate someone with a brain who THINKS. Moby plays a multitude of instruments. Eminem fans snorted markers in the first grade and dropped out in the second.


A few key songs from the great documentery earthlings can be found on here. Great cd.


Whole CD is great! Could listen to Porcelain all day.. so relaxing!

L.M the one and only!

Best song ever I listen to this song all the time it's just simply amazing and it has a nice beat softness to it. It's relaxing and I play this whenever I think of my gf XD


I am so in love with this ablum!! I love just takes you to another place.


I still enjoy listening to this album!! Great work!


I was not a huge fan of Moby when this album was originally released. However, over the years I have listened to his music more and more. Now, he ranks at the top of my list of favorite artists. He's willing to experiment and he often makes a perfect mix. Whether you're looking to dance in the club until dawn or chill with deep and ambient tunes in the background, Moby has a song for you. Favorite Tracks: Porcelain, Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?, South Side, Bodyrock, Natural Blues


Play and 18 are the epitome of Moby. Fantastic spiritual and hymnic vocal samples really causes one to feel emotionally tied to the entire experience. Fantastic.


Picture this. 1999, In a small home in Central Florida. There was a young boy with an old CD player. His uncle had passed away and his family inherited the majority of his things. One of those things, was a CD. This very album to be exact. The young boy was looking through the large CD/Record cabinet his family had to hold all the CDs and such they inherited from his uncle. He loved listening to each CD on his old, beaten up player to see what each CD had on it. One day, he pulled out a CD that read, "Moby Play." He was interested in the CD just by looking at the title. It seemed like his kind of music. So he pulled out the case and opened it. After listening to the whole CD a few times. He asked his mother who the "guy" was (not knowing that they were reffered to as "Artists" or "Bands"). She told him that he was Listening to Moby. One of her and his uncle's favorite artists. He became obsessed with Moby. Now skip forward 11 years to 2010. He stopped buying CDs and moved on to MP3/4s and his iPod Touch. Still loving Moby, he would play the songs in his mind, having memorized every song by heart as A child. One night, in the car, he asked what the name of his favorite Moby CD was so he could find it on iTunes. After a bit of conversation, he remembered everything from his childhood about the CD. He then saved up his cash and bought an iTunes giftcard. The second he got to his house, he scratched the material covering the code with his fingernails, too impaitient to find a coin. He took the code and entered it into his account. He then searched for the album to find a surprise. Something about the old album he loved so much. They didn't have it. But what they did have made him smile from ear to ear. A "Play" album with both sides to it. He bought without hesistation. And indulged in the nostalgia. Well now that you've read my little story (It's true, btw), Buy this album! Quit reading! Go, now!! Click/Tap "Buy album" right now or I'll hang you by your thumbs!


what movie is this from? I've heard it somewhere!


Chillout at it's best. Moby, you should keep doing this. You attract alot of people when you do this type of genres anyways. Standout tracks (no B-sides): Porcelain (obviously, it's nice) Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? South Side Rushing Bodyrock Natural Blues Machete Run On Everloving Lol, the whole album is good, and it's 9.99 for 29 songs, why the hell not?


I love this album. It's my favorite, and hold so many nostalgic memories of my childhood.


I think what the B sides show is the consistency of Moby's musical voice through different styles and instrumentation. Like an artist who uses different media for different things. Some of the tracks just aren't as hook successful, but I can see them working as dramatic underscore. It's inspiring to hear it all back to back.


I just love this album

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