Nickelback - Rockstar



I like how this is back in the top 20 videos in 2020. Lol!!


It lets u watch it up to 30 sec rip off I want a refund

Matt, the "Bookit"

This video is so utterly simple. All you gotta do is just ask some random people to sing a couple of lyrics in a easy to access environment and cut their singing out in editing. It's so utterly simple that I could easily do this video with some of my friends. However, it just works for this video. It's so simple that anyone could do it, but it just works for the song. Well done.


It should be illegal to charge $ for anything less than HD resolution. At the very least they should disclose the resolution of the videos before you purchase them. This is an absolute rip off!! I want a refund!


The things i wud give to hav been in this video..... :) meeting this band wud make my life!


This is my all time favorite band in the world!!!! You guys rock & keep making songs!!!!!! :)


im famous the song R.O.C.K.S


It wont show full video


Now, this is a realistic song. This is what everyone thinks, and the video is amazing!!!!


I had never seen this video until about last week it is amazing! Everyone is in it....Even Dale Earnhardt Jr!!!! (Huge Fan) I love it you should defiantly buy this video!


Nickelback is a Great Group, Keep up the good work.


Its awfull from start 2 finish dont buy


Wayne Gretzky was a great edition!

the parents

One thing I always hear about this song is that it "makes fun of the rockstar lifestyle". Sounds like Nickelback's MO to me. Chad Kroeger is one of the worst rock singers of our time (right up there with the guy from Hinder), and the music is completely boring. I cringe every time I hear this song, and for about ten minutes after.


Go Nickleback


I love this song. It is sooo catchy. However, the music video was not too good. Nickelback wasn't even in it.


Could be.

Megie Weggie

omg that is so funny i luv it its kool to!!!


I am new to video, going from a fourth-generation IPod to a 16-G ITouch. When adding a few videos, this song has been around for a while and still sounds great. A classic for your video library. The video is destined to be a classic. The vixens, the old lady, the construction worker, Grant Hill and Wayne Gretsky all sing along. It is great tounge in cheek song and so is the video. Great scenes and a hoot!


I like this video by far the best NICKLEBACk has created


Everybody should buy this!! I think that it is great that they made a clean version of ROCKSTAR!! It is such a good song!


this is so cool watch the music video and you will see what it's all about, Yeah!!!


Very fun video, a must for your collection. Name the stars...

Christopher Lee

I think the song and video are mediocre at best… if you like it great, if you don’t then fine. What really gets me are all the ignorant people blaming iTunes and Apple for the edits. For the record, Apple and iTunes do not edit the music and or videos. All edits are done by the labels and the studios and provided to iTunes for distribution. Some choose to provide both a “clean” version and the original version, and some do not. Call the label up and complain. And for the record, just as you have the right to listen to what ever you want, Apple has the right to put out what ever they want.


I love how they orginized the video that people did one part of the music video! It's really creative!


It is a great video. It is a simple concept yet captivating. You'll love it


Awesome and hilarious the chick in it is uber hot but good work who ever put this together!


This video is funny. Good job nickelback

Rockin and Rollin2

Wayne Gretsky and Lenny Kravitz are in it! I can't believe it!


I like this song a lot. But the video isn't that good. But Nelly Furtado is in it!


this video is cool i totaly love watchin it on my ipod. i love how they did this video . like, diffrent people were singing 2 it .it waz so funney!!!! "hey hey i wanna b a rockstar!

brave #7

This song is the best beats all of my Favz


I'm a bit confused. The song to me seems to be commenting on the destructive nature of selling yourself in order to become famous. The lyrics seem to communicate that which the video does not. The video seems to glorify it OR am I missing the point entirely. Is the video meant to parody the whole lifestyle? Anyhow, I was very excited about the song but the video seems to be inconsistent with what the song is actually saying. Sometimes it's just better to let the artist create what they want. It seems like someone paid for this.


I really enjoyed this video. The way it makes fun at the industry is spot on. The mixture of celebrities and normal people is great. Good lyrics, good beat.


Never seen the video before until I watched the preview on itunes. I love the song, but there needs to be an explicit version of the video on itunes as well as the censored.


OMG this is the best song and video ever I LOVE IT


Good video. I love the girls next door.


i LOVE this so great how they make fun of all these screwed up rockstars....and the video is aweomse too...nickelback has the most awesome songs ever.


I love this video!!! It was done very well,and cracks me up every time I watch it!! The song is great,and a perfect depiction of the rock star life!!! The tune is addicting - I find myself singing it all the time!


I like how the prouducers of this video mixed in normal people with "rockstars" So happy that they added Holly, Bridget and Kendra (Playboy Bunnies w/ the bleach-blonde hair) into the video. Sure, the whole thing screams "Hugh Hefner paid to get us into this music video!" But who cares? They're young, sexy and rich. (Thanks, Hef) XOXO! <3


This video has to be by far the coolest video I have ever seen. I have actually been to some of the scenes in the video. Like the Playboy Mansion. I used to work there. The characters in the video are the coolest ever. I wish I was a ROCKSTAR too!!


FUN FUN FUN to watch!!! AWESOME!!!!


this song rox!!!


Good video with great guest


This video rox! Luv it!


This song sounds like EVERY other song they have written... And don't get me started on the video, it's just a bunch of visual name dropping... "Maybe if we get celebrities to sing our songs, people won't realize we're the most overrated band on the planet!" This has to be one of the most unoriginal videos I have ever seen... If I could give this no stars I would, even 1 seems like too much...


love this song who doesn't

Dark Angel<3

I absolutely LOVED this video and song!! I think its great, it gives a really good message and its sang/played by a great band!! Everytime Nickelback has a song, they really just have a whole story behind it! Unlike some /other/ people we know *cough* I love it, 5 stars baby!! -Dark Angel<33


Ok. here's my take on Nickelback: Fred Durst: Hey, you sound like Kurt Cobain. I like Nirvana. Ditch the rest of your band, and I'll sign you. Nickelback Lead Singer: Sure. But can we play Country songs instead of rock, and just try to sell them as Rock songs? Fred Durst: BUT OF COURSE! We'll continue ruining good rock music together. I with my crap rap rock, and you with your crap country rock. Nickelback Lead Singer: Cool. I didn't bother to look up his name, because if this video was approved by him, then chances are I couldn't care less. Unoriginal song, video, and it's awful.

diva in MA

This video has definitely proved to me that the world is full of freaks and weirdos, and Nickelback found a few of them to star in their video! The only "normal" dude is the guy with the long scraggly beard and the skull decor - looks like a throw back from the ZZ Top era. Great video, love Nickelback, but SHAME ON YOU ITunes for censoring the lyrics and taking out words of the original song. If I wanted to listen to/view censored music, I would turn on the radio or tune into MTV. Hello ITunes - this IS the internet...give the people the option of downloading the real stuff!