Nickelback - Rockstar


H.A.M. Sammitch

You Guys really knocked this one out of the park? All those Cameo's, Did I see John Rich in there? He's Country? Or western? Who knows? Kid Rock, & a bunch more! Great Video! Stay Awesome Guys! Big Fan from Iowa, Hunter Allan Marsh!


I don't know how I missed this song, just now discovered it. It is my Get To Work Get Moving song during my commute. There are some good parodies of this video.


It wasn't even good back when it came out. It's been 6 years, give it a rest radio stations.....

El cherris

Ariva las chivas


This song is awesome! Love it and the video is funny! But you people that are hating on it, why are you listening it in the first place? I mean come on seriously?? You look up a song just to vent how much you hate them. How more immature can you get?

Paige Budde Please stop, Nickelback. The music is awful. Nickelback wasn't bad in the beginning, but everything has turned into complete garbage. I'm not sure why this video, from 2007, is still up here! It is, honestly, awful.


for all of u guys hatin on nickelback, this is the best band EVER. and most of all I am hispanic listening to nickelback.


I like the song but not the video :/


Holy crap it's Chuck Liddell you know somethings pretty freaking awesome when Chuck Liddell and that guy from American Choppers is in it


Hey Williamsb77... You have no musical taste do you? That's alright- all of us REAL fans love Nickelback.. You just go enjoy listening to Kenny G or Justin Bieber... Worst band ever? NOT!


In the midwest there is a chain of grocery stores whose store (generic) brand is Kroger. It's no coincidence that the nb lead singer's name is the same as that midwest brand of generic groceries. WORST. BAND. EVER.


Crapy nightmare I hated it I felt like I was gonna puke


I don't know what to say. This is so terrible I almost cried. Wait. Tears. How can you like this?

B money 47

I hate it So bad


This came out like 5 years ago? Idk but it's pretty old for a song and I can still rock out to it without getting sick of it. I love Nickelback!!! Also I just realized Paul Sr. from American Chopper is in this and that's just amazing


I just didnt think there should only be 666 reviews not a good number to stop at maybe 777 anyways great song and even better album


Best song ever love it

Swazland Native

Best bid ever!!!!


Love this video is the greatest !!!


If you listen to Nickelback, off yourself. Listen to good music like The Word Alive


The stars are towards iTunes. I don't understand why it's "no longer available". That's so stupid.


Omg this is the best song I have ever heard and putting all the famous people just made it even better hahah love nickelback good luck with any other songs but this one is the best :) love Sav9812

i_<3_ jonas_brothers

The best song ever!!!!!!!

Jarod man

I love the video!!!!!!!!

Sherri Littler

I think that everybody wanted to be a Rock Star sometime in our lives, but we can only have so many Rock Stars and Nickleback is one of them. This video was really Cool, all the different people in it, just goes to show who all wants to be a Rock Star.


Just like their whiskey to sweet and not hard enough


This song is my favorite song of all time. These guys got me into music now I take guitar classes. I'll never forget this song. I even went to their consert.


I wanna be a rockstar too :-(-:)


Hahaha that British guy cracked me up ha he's British ha... Ya...


I love the song and haven't seen the vid yet. Y is it explicit?


i like how many different peaople get a chace to be in a video but i think nickelback should be in it


He's one of my favorite players Suns are better than the lakers. Good song


I love this song, this is the most played song and video on my iPod.

Ryan. L

Go zztop!

The Man up Front

Where is all the old nickelback songs now its all bubble gum pop bull....


Worst band ever=worst song ever=worst video ever :P


Haha I absolutely loveee this song it is like the most played song on my iPod and it's my ringtone on my phone I love it


Best song ever!!!!!!!!


This band rocks literly


Man this song is awesome


Nice idea For the video but really? All nickelbacks songs sound extremly alike and he sounds like he has done damage to his voice and he has to yell


The song may have as_hole and just regular as_ but other than that its an awsome song.


it ok not as good as photograph ect...


Gene Simmons and Paul Sr.!!!! ROFFL!!! Plus the band and song are really good!!!!!!!

emmett lover twilight

lol the british guy toard the end *hee hee*


It rocks




i like the part with wayne gretzky hes the greatest hockey play ever!


I'm a big fan of nickelback and this song is pretty good, the thing I wish Nickelback would go back to is more hard core metal like in their album The Long Road.This song is a little soft for Nickelback I think, but other than that the song is just fine.