Parker Barrow Project - Don't Tell Mama - EP

℗ 2020 Roaddog Records

Don't Tell Mama - EP Tracklist:


👊🏻Broke up :Where There’s a Willie There’s a Waylon ❤️ Crazy in Love Song/Best Vibe song : Back In The Day Kind of Way 🎉Going out with Friends: Don’t Tell Momma(of course) 🔥Driving Around with YOUR girl/guy: Kissing Me Goodbye 🎶Need a song that gets stuck in your head all day : All or Nothin Not one song you’ll want to skip! 🙌🏻🎉❤️🎶


So many good songs, “Don’t Tell Momma” and “Where there’s a Willie there’s a Waylon”are fun get up dance songs all the while singing your heart out, but my favorite is “Back in the Day Kinda Way”, perfect combination of great music and just amazing singing!!


Love this whole album!


Such a talented band. I love this.


This thing is hot hot hot picante


Love this new band! Give them a listen and enjoy! You won’t be sorry. Congrats on the new EP release!


AWESOME songs!!! This EP is🔥

Wind Jammer 23

This duo is incredible! Tons of talent!!

SOMD Music Fan

You have GOT to see these guys live! Their music is amazing and their energy is contagious!


So good! They put on a great show!!


Can’t believe I haven’t heard these guys on the radio yet, thank god for iTunes !


Great singing and great sounds from some amazing hard working musicians. Keep slaying!


Been a fan since Day 1, LOVE the energy, sound and heart behind the lyrics. Looking for something different? You just found it!

brandon poo

You guys are amazing love this album so much love all of the songs finally it’s out!!!!


Have followed these artists the whole way and they are the real deal. So dedicated to their work and I can’t wait to give this new EP a listen!! I know I already love it

Majectic Tim

Love these guys!!!


Can’t wait to hear the new music!!!!!!!!!!!!

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