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THE GOAT Tracklist:




Extreme Ryan 2121

Downloaded the first few songs just to give it a listen, ended up purchasing the whole album because I always try to support talent. Polo G is definitely talented and versatile. He has a sound that appeals to mainstream ears but lyrical ability on par with lyrical rappers like Joyner. Not sure why he isn’t talked about more in the hip hop community.

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This is my favorite polo g Sing other than through the storm


Great album


Lyrical Legend!

Gb by 16

The people that hate on Polo G are the same ones that do nothing but listen to lil baby 24/7 and sings along to lyrics about how much money you have and how many girls you bang while living with your parents. Do yourselves a favor and stop lining people’s pockets you don’t even relate to just to try to be cool. This album is relatable. It’s about overcoming mental and physical adversities and being pushed to the brink of snapping. Don’t expect me to listen to the same 4 Lil Baby songs you all wanna play if you ain’t bout to show no love to real hip hop when it comes.


this album is the best 🔥


He’s so poetic

Nick Drab

Album of the year


Real GOAT🐐


great music because of lyrical content

Chillface kay

I want to be like you too one day no cap I’m 16 rn trying to know how to make it on the game to make them bands and have a life


Pretty good!!!

Juice world

This the best album ever


Yeah he ain't Chief Keef no cap


Polo G Mozzy A-Wax in that order


I’m a big Juice WRLD fan


He is so slept on but that doesn't stop him from making AMAZING MUSIC. I. Love. Polo G.


No misses on the album.....🔥🔥🔥


The album is fire 🔥🔥🔥


How is this even on iTunes what is wrong with these people this is terrible I rather listen to 69


He went 2/2 on no skip albums it’s just crazy. The lyrics hit deep down and mean a lot. If you really hating on this album I bet you just can’t relate to what he’s sayin

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Polo hasn’t made 1 bad song yet



Horizon Clipz YT

He just be to good fr




Being the GOAT is about the ability to make people FEEL and connect with your music. Being the goat is not about being the loudest rapper in the room. It’s about being the REALEST. Calm cool and confident. It’s about touching people with honestly. Polo can be the goat and not gloat every 10 seconds. The GOAT can be sober and still give you a high. The goat is humble. Polo can make you look within and self-reflect. Being the goat is not about sliding and slithering your way into the game through the back door. It’s about coming in through the front and pouring your soul out for everyone. That is what is happening here. Its not about taking someone else’s flow and doing it better. The GOAT doesn’t need auto tune to feel like he has a voice. Polo G might actually be the goat. But polo, white people are still oppressed in many areas. I wouldn’t say we can’t understand your struggle if we aren’t your skin color.


What instuments can he play? NONE! Doesn't sing because he can't! Rappers are rappers because they can't/wish they could be ROCK STARS...JS


Song tell a story and also still catchy


Lol! Not even close to being G.O.A.T!


Bro really the goat. Dawg touch my soul no cap. Protect this man at all cost!


All the other reviews saying he’s no the goat. Obviously not but if he don’t beleive in himself who gonna? Anyways every single one of these hit. Not a single bad song on the album. He is fr under rated. If he puts out a couple more consistent albums he’d be on track to be the 🐐

Tommy Moses

This album would have been better if there were more up beat songs, but it’s still insane. My favorites are 21, Flex, Don’t Believe The Hype, 33, and more. Overall, this is a FIRE ALBUM. 9/10

Stoney Bob 200

This album is amazing. It really does express the struggles that folks in America face from a day to day, especially our brothers and sisters that are trapped in the hood. Polo G is one of the only artists that is truly worth your time listening to because he will always spit facts as they are.


Keep up the good work


What a joke




A few good songs, but the rest is really generic


Bro polo never dissapoints frfr🔥🔥🐐

Twitch Rhexz

I’d love a ringtone of the beginning not the instrumental but right when the lyrics come in


great album couldn’t be at a better time


How can Boosie, Plies, T-Pain, Lil Wayne and now this guy all be the goat? It just doesn't add up, there can only be one goat. If all of these guys are 'the goat' then he can't be THE goat, he can only be one of the goats. Does anybody else who listens to hip hop nowadays see this or am I the only one with an IQ higher than 50?


Way better than future #underrated


LOVED THIS ALBUM ! . you are very underrated

coolid h

The album has no bad songs run it up


Wishing for a hero is my favorite. The whole album is dope tho