David Archuleta - Postcards in the Sky

℗ 2017 Archie Music / Tone Tree Music

Postcards in the Sky Tracklist:


Awesome Singer!!!


Simply beautiful. Amazing songs


Amazing is how I would describe Postcards in the Sky. This album is so heartfelt. What I appreciate about Postcards in the Sky is how David pours his heart and soul into each song. It’s always hard to pick a favorite off of any of his albums. Each song tells a story. These stories convey messages. These messages are what many of us need to hear. This is one of David Archuleta’s best albums yet, and what I love is how different this one sounds. He has found his voice with this album. This had inspired all of us to find our voices and to make them heard and to speak up for those who don’t have voices. This inspires us to say what we need to say because someone out there may need to hear our messages. Outstanding overall!


One word, Splendid

Darthy hunky

I’ve always loved David. He never fails to deliver amazing music!


I remember voting for David on American Idol & I am just so proud with how far he’s come. Will forever be in awe at his voice and music. Thank you for a great album! Y’all have to check it out!

A must have [email protected]

David has come into his own!!! This album shows so much growth in his style, songs and delivery. Fabulous variety. Congratulations on a job extremely well done!!


I've been a fan of David since the night his audition was aired on AI, 10 years ago. Though his other efforts have been solid (mainly due to his incredible voice), my love faded as the years went on because there was nothing really "gripping" me to his talent. The songs sonicly stayed the same, and none of them felt raw. This album has roped me back in. David displays so much vulernability and growth in every song. Not everything is so sappy/child-like as it was in his previous releases; he gets downright gritty in subject matter throughout this album. With topics ranging from self-doubt, abuse and David's candid nature about disliking the industry that tried to package his stardom, this is truly an album to listen to as a fan. This is exactly what I've been waiting 10 years for, and I'm so happy David has found his voice and is calling all the shots in his life and career. Welcome back.


I been always a fan, but this album is the best one so far! Sooooo in love! There is not one okay song, they are all fantastic! Great job David!


I love this whole album but Cracks of Heaven especially speaks to me. Thank you for GREAT music!!


David Archuleta did a fantastic job with this album. He shows that his voice is stronger and he can sing anything. I'm so impressed that he wrote every song on this album including the two hits, "Up All Night" and "Numb" this is one of his best albums and I hope he keeps coming out with great albums in the future! I've been a fan of his from day 1 on American Idol till now and he truly is a great singer, right up there with Ryan Cabrera, Scotty McCreery and The Backstreet Boys!!


As I write this, every one of the ITunes reviews for this album is a 5-star review. David Archuleta's fans used to remind everyone that fan is short for fanatic. Well, it's 10 years after his season on American Idol and David is writing and performing mature, lyrical works that tug the heartstrings or make the listener smile. It's about looking up to the sky and realizing you're part of something larger. This CD is worth a listen for any lover of smooth vocals. He's only gotten better.


I love this whole album! I've listened to it so many times I've already worn it out. It crosses all cultures, all boundaries, and works for everyone who gets inspiration, hope, and joy from music. Thank you, David!!!! Keep doing more like this please!!!!!


Love every single one of these songs.


Love the meaning behind the album especially this song. Beautiful he did it in remembrance of Annie Schmidt and that she sang the last 40ish seconds. Beautiful!!

Utah climber

This is got to be his best album! Very happy and fun, feel the beat!




Wow, This ablum is agreat album. He really took time to connect with his soul and where he is in life. I feel this album will speak to alot of people. Especially us that don't have emotional ranges of teaspoons. Feel good muisc. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎶🎵🎶❤️❤️❤️

NZ David fan

I love this album! David has clearly grown musically and personally. I look forward to getting to know this album better. But I love the soulful, laid-back vibe. Execllent album!


Very nicely done. Love it!


David manages to make each song unique in sound so you don't get tired of listening to it over and over again. It shows that David loves music and come up with different sounds. It's a plus that David writes songs that say what he feels. I especially love the back-up vocals of "Upset With Me" and the lyrics and vocals of "Aiming for Hope" and "Seasons."


I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time and i must say.. I LOVE IT MORE THAN I THOUGHT I WOULD! we missed you david! great job!!


Each song reflects a story, some sadness but always a ray of hope. Thank you, David❣


Such an uplifting album. Exactly what is needed in these confusing times we live in.


This album is inspiring, uplifiting, and so, so raw!! The messages in David's songs are beautiful! Each song is different from the previous one. I love that about David. He doesn't get stuck in a rut. Thank you, David, for this awesome music!!

River 992

As always, David's pure voice and clear vision comes through in each song. Postcards was worth waiting for.


Great job! Worth a close listen.


Love it David, your songs uplift and inspire.


This long awaited album, his first in over six years, is a stellar collection of emotion packed songs. You go on a journey with David through the challenges met and lessons learned throughout his life. I am grateful to know the music of this gifted artist and his ability to open his heart through the music he shares with his audience. This collection is an all around fantastic effort and well worth the wait. Bravo!!


An amazing artist and a person.


No words can’t express how I feel about this album ! Thank you David Archuleta! I’m truly grateful for an inspiring and relatable album! Thank you so much once again! 💜


David’s music will forever and always be the most amazing stuff I’ve ever heard. I don’t care if he sang the newspaper ❤️❤️❤️❤️


I’m so excited for this album! I’ve now heard 9 of the 16 songs, 8 on Orion and Leo EP’s previously released and are some of David’s best songs to date. And i just got Seasons as a download with my pre- order and it’s a beautiful duet! I can’t wait to hear the back story and to hear it live! October 20th can’t come soon enough to hear the rest of what I’m sure are amazing songs. His voice is like no other!