The 1975 - Notes On A Conditional Form

℗ 2020 Dirty Hit, under exclusive licence to Polydor Records and Interscope Records

Notes On A Conditional Form Tracklist:


Not good


Straight Buttcheeks

Jimmity Boppity Boo

Go back to writing what put you on the map inthe first place. This album isn't worth an illegal download, let alone $12.


I’m so glad I recently discovered the band the 1975 so I can fully appreciate the beautiful artistry in the album and not be blinded by the fact that it, “doesn’t sound like their old stuff”. Truly great front to back. Highly recommend you borrow your friends(son or daughter maybe?)good pair of headphones and just vibe out to this whole thing by yourself.


This album takes you on an incredible journey too to bottom. I love all of their work and hope that they keep making these amazing albums. Spectacular job guys 👍🏻


If they can put out an album consistently that has at least one song that is catchy, singable, and memorable. (A good examle fo this is The Cars) The song for this album is "If You're Too Shy." One is all it takes, and aren't you glad that you don't have to buy a whole album to get that one song anymore?


Best album of 2020


The worst album so far 🗑


this album is a masterpiece




Some of the most legendary albums ever made were inspired by political movements and events. It’s silly to tell a musician to avoid politics in their music! Activism for a certain cause can be executed very well by certain artists, but not in this particular way. This album has just a couple somewhat decent tracks, but it’s mostly lifeless beats and dragged-on nonsense. If you’re going to pursue a political message, don’t make it seem so washed out and heartless! This album will now sink into oblivion with all the other artists who attempted the same idea in the past few years.


Their songs sound like trash


The album is dog wank


Really shows the capabilities and musicianship of the band. Don’t expect them to make the same album twice


A few good tracks


After reading all the negative reviews and opinions published months ago, now that the album is finally out and in my opinion—an amazing compilation of music—it is chuckle worthy to see how loads of people believed this album/band to be complete garbage, when in fact this album is BOMB. I am a fan, but I do know good music.

sir skibald lll

Initially going in to the album thought it was gonna be good, lemme tell you did it disappoint, how are people buying and streaming this garbage.


I wasn’t partial to most of abiior, but this? I actually think this might be there best album to date. Block out the noise and give it a try. You just might hear something truly special.

Love one direction biggest fan

Love the 1975 soooo much amazing brilliant album


All of the reviews here beginning with the confessions of love for this band; yeah we get it, we’re all the first ones to have ever heard and love the 1975. But you can’t listen to this and honestly say that it’s anything worthwhile. Maybe two songs out of the entire TWENTY-TWO track album? That’s sad....And the auto tune?!?! Every band needs to grow but also retain their identity. With that said, I really hope we can look forward to hearing something reminiscent of the Sex, Robbers, Somebody Else kind of sounds in the future.


This album has a little bit of everything for everyone to love. LOVE the different genres for each song!! It makes for a beautifully versatile work of art that’s suitable for any mood!! Honestly exactly what we need during this awful quarantine.


contrary to popular belief, the 1975 can make more than one type of indie-pop music, and they can make it well. this album is diverse and well thought-out.


A masterful collection of some of the most ambitious and unique 1975 songs to date. Very interesting take on a lot of important concept, beliefs, and music tones.


Love this, too bad NA tour got cancelled


please let him go bald


Maybe I’m just cursed to forever be a 1975 EP fan.


they never disappoint, beautiful album.


People complaining about “political garbage” shut up. You will never be happy. You will always be complaining about something. This is something he had to do to spread good message. Obviously not something he will do all the time... That may not be your cup of tea but it might be someone else's quit being so selfish. Its disgusting. Such fake fans.

amazingly insightful

Everything about this album is beautiful!





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Just talking about politics and cussing a lot. And they’re definitely not Britain’s biggest band. What About Gorillaz?


They are amazing, once again redefining the game. It’s so crazy to watch how things have changed but...not all that much has changed. They really bring what The 1975 truly is/represents back to their roots on this one. As a fan I can say this is an incredible album. Please don’t ever stop. PS. Make a song that is Robbers 2 plz!!


The first top seconds cannot sound more horrible to the year


This band makes some of the most unique and quirky music I’ve ever heard and I absolutely love it. This album has so much variety yet feels connected. The lyrics are great. The instrumentals are awesome. I did not enjoy “People” but kept an open mind, and I’m glad I did. Totally recommend!

Ancient Jetties

I just can't take this band seriously. Pretty daft to call yourselves out as "being compared to Radiohead" (no way in hell) while churning out boring soft rock. I guess there is a huge market for pure crap out there.


I love Ross 💕💕💕💕✨✨💕✨

yoongi outsold your fav

to be completely honest, i’ve been a fan since like self titled and it’s all just gone downhill from here. i don’t like this album but i’m gonna rate it five stars anyway. more songs like “people” and “fallingforyou” pls


Boring and self-indulgent. playing and listening to this album from start to finish is never going to happen. This is not music, it's a statement and a poorly executed one at that. Sadly, compared to previous releases by The 1975, there is nearly nothing here worth a musc of a listen.



Westin Payne

George Daniel is a genius.

ali 💯🧿

ive been a fan of the 1975 for about 3 years and this album is so beautiful and speaks to things THE BAND feels are important TO THEM. they do not write songs to please the public they write songs that speak to themselves.


All the reasons people take it upon themselves to write one-star reviews of this album are all the reasons I love this band - they take risks, they make bold statements, they don't play it safe. Fantastic album.



Hype Connor





Most of the one star comments are salty KSI stans with no taste in music. This album is amazing because of the variety and it’s lack of sticking to one genre. It has something for everyone!


the 1975 will always release the best music