The Airborne Toxic Event - Hollywood Park

℗ 2020 Rounder Records., Distributed by Concord.

Hollywood Park Tracklist:


For me, best album of the year. Every song is awesome but the favorites are Hollywood Park, All the Children, Everything I love is Broken, All These Engagements. So essentially the entire album.


Just brilliant! The music experience alone is fantastic - then roll in the lyrics and the stories - Mikel and the band created a masterpiece! Welcome Back and Thank You for such a terrific record!


This album is fantastic! If it were vinyl, I would have worn it out in the past week!!! I can't get enough of the raw feelings, and biography that Mikel and the rest of TATE portray in this album. It is just so good! I love music that has meaning, which in this day and age is so hard to find, but leave it to TATE to come out with an album 5 years after their last one to remind me why I love music!

Trust and Us



This is the album that I have most anticipated in my four decades on this planet. As the release date drew closer, I feared that I had over-hyped it in my mind. No. Quite the opposite. It far exceeded my expectations. I am always amazed at Mikel Jollett’s ability to make me vicariously experience the feelings and emotions that he writes/sings about. Even if he’s singing about drug addiction or neglected life in a cult or some other experience I’ve never had, he does so in a way that is very relatable to trials and pains that I feel in my own life. The music of The Airborne Toxic Event in general and this album in particular has been very therapeutic. I wish I could give it more than just five stars.


Love this band, love their music, love this album. Super excited to hear from you TATE...missed you all!


From start to finish, this album is gripping and moving. This band should be proud of the picture of perfection they’ve painted. Nice to have you back, guys.


Once again, The Airborne Toxic Event nails it. The story behind the album makes it even more powerful, it brings this whole album to life in more ways than one. This isn’t just music, it’s passion, it’s love, it’s pure. This is a must buy album ! Phenomenal!


Finally! After setting the bar really high with their debut and follow up live albums I had been consistently disappointed with everything since...not bad..just not great...but this is really impressing so far on my first listen. Finally back to the feeling and emotion that makes me sing along at the top of my voice on their early stuff.


They’re back!! I had heard the other singles and listened to Carry me for the first time yesterday and have had it on repeat since!


Wow this is a great album! Fans of Midnight and All at Once will be pleased. This is amongst their best stuff!


Another Airborne album that can be enjoyed from start to finish, will have this on repeat for awhile. 🤘🏻


This brings back a type of music, rock and roll, that has almost disappeared. The music is strong and compelling and heightens your anticipation. If you have read the book, the lyrics might bring you to tears. It's that good and touches on a person really finding who they are. I've heard a lot of ATE but this is better than I ever expected.


Love the two new songs. To me, I love it when a song resonantes the very first time you hear it and also when you love it more every time you hear it. Both songs out now fit that discription! Hollywood Park is just great rock and Cmoe on Out just builds and builds until it lets out a chilling, primal scream. Very different songs, but both excellent.


Been anticipating a new album from TATE for a while now, & the first 2 singles did not disappoint! I can understand why some folks are saying it sounds a bit poppy & "safe" but these songs are catchy & likely to be hit singles. Every album needs a few good crowd-pleasers to ensure the band gets enough support from the masses so that they can support themselves & continue making music. Sometimes I get annoyed when fans don't understand this. Anyway, the sound reminds me of that alt-pop or indie rock music from a few years back, from bands like Foster the People, Electric Guest, Fun, Bleachers, Vampire Weekend, Imagine Dragons, etc. Personally I love that music so I'm looking forward to this


Love love love both of the songs that are out, can’t wait for the entire album to be released .. Album is well overdue but I get it, takes time to make a masterpiece


been waiting, love single, cant wait til album drops..


I have been waiting for new music from TATE for what feels like forever! Loving the new single and can’t wait for the entire album!


I’m definitely a fan of TATE, but this first single is a bit mellow. Dare I say, even a bit boring. I hope the rest of the album is better.


Great Single. Looking forward to May 08!