Three Days Grace - Never Too Late

One-X (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:


But to whoever said that in the video the girl wants to die: It’s actually considered a sin to call it quits, if you know what I mean. So basically if you do that, you don’t go to HEAVEN. It’s the opposite because its never different than killing another person, and it’s EVIL. It’s a form of betrayal, which is considered one of the WORST sins a person can commit. (Pronounced"see-love")

Out of all their songs ever made or to be made, this is definitely my top favorite. It speaks to me and is a bit sad, or shall I say: Soul touching. I really like the video, which I can sorta relate to, but not in all of the ways.


love this song huge fan GO THREE DAYS GRACE!!!

mc 11221

I really love the song but the video was kind of confusing at first. I think its about how at first the child is happy, but then a strange man enters her life. She is not really understanding but later it shows that shes scared of him. The bandaids over the parents eyes means that the parents dont see whats going on. The man is a molester, and the handprints show the dark memories he left in her life. The woman in the hospital is the girl as an adult. She is trying to recover from that time in her life. The memories hold her down, shown by the hands. In the end she finally lets go.


I love it so much!


It's my most fav song. And it saved me from doing horrible things. Thank you3daysgrace <3

Justin Riggins

This song is so amazing and so is the video,Three Days Grace is an awesome band,their music has helped me so much throughout my hard times,every time I listen to their songs I get happy thank you Three Days (:


This is my fav TDG video. It's so touching and the song is awesome.


Wow this song explains Alot about me kinda but it's also describing how I mostly feel and also what I feel about my friends. Thanks Three Days Grace for making songs that expresses my mood Alot ^_^




I love this song and three days grace, but I want to watch the music vid before I buy it and I can't find it on you tube, help!?


This song hits home anyway, but the music video just hits it all. The lyrics to this song is fantastic, but the depth of the video is amazing. With personal experience with this, not me myself, but members in my family and friends, it's easy to spot what this is about: A young girl's life ruined by one man. She is tortured by the memories and it is taring her apart. The black angel represents salvation and, in the end, it saves her. People need to know that this is out there and that the world isn't as safe as it once used to be, but this tells us that we need to be strong. We can't give in. "It's never too late."

Horse Blum

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The story is about the girl her parents died and the new guy she's living with I a moilister and the black angel is her guardian angel protecting her awesome song and video to hear when depressed


An awesome song and a very awesome music video that shows how people can easily be singled out in life because of someone cuter or more talented or richer than them. AWESOME!!!!!


Really good buy it do some stuff from life starts now please everyone comment then we might let itunes know we want some videos from life starts now i love you 3DG.


Amazing, just like everything else they've ever done :).


I love this video soooooooo much I adore your band bit I don't like Break it's just soooooooooooooooooooo totaly dumb. :) :)


this is a awsome song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's my theme song on my wesite. three days grace has the best music ever. go three days gace!!!

Avonelle Glasgow

omg its a amazing video. i can only try 2 understand what happend. itz a awsme video!

wats goin on

click yes if u agree


This video expresses a lot and is really good so, is this song.

princess queen rox

i love this song its great.


OMG this song has a gr8 message telling u shuld never give up and of course its never too late.


this song is so awesome.


I LOVE Three Days Grace, the song Never Too Late(and the video) rocks. So I totally recommend that you listen to their music. Coolio. See Ya. PEACE!!!!

im not aware of my name?!

Great video, a little scary, but really awesome!


Amazing song and it made the itunes top 100!!!!!! Three days Grace is my favorite band!!!!!

The Saw Man

When I bought the video it was because my sister said it was good. I agree it is good. The song any way. I really didn't get the point of the video. So buy the SONG not the video.


I am writing this to first thank Three Days Grace for having the courage to write this song and video with such comprehension of the subject matter. The images in the video are highly detailed for more than what I think most people can possibly understand without having been sexually abused as a child. My thoughts on the video: Throughout the song, there are references to “I tell you…” but “you say you…”. The two people are the same person. One is the abused child with the other being adult she grew into. This video is about the struggle within. At first, the child has the innocence a child is supposed to have (dancing with parents). But the sexual abuse changes everything. It becomes a personal hell for the child/woman. No one can see it. No one knows what she’s feeling. She is forced, by being a child and by not being able to fully comprehend the abuse, to continue throughout life, to pretending to be like everyone else. But notice her parents have band-aides over the eyes the second time you see them. They cannot see that the child is going through a personal hell. Because the hell is all inside. Throughout her life, no one can ever see that side of her. The personal hell that interweaves itself into the very fiber of the resulting adult. No one can see that she doesn’t belong with the rest of the un-abused people; no one could have ever guessed she was sexually abused as a child. The child begins being pulled into thoughts of suicide as displayed by the angel of death (the only weak part of the video, but the meaning is conveyed). As the adult looks back, she knows when it all changed. She keeps trying to tell the child inside of her it’ll be okay, we (the adult and child) will turn it all around, it’s never too late. Her words of the inner struggle continues, but the child inside of her continues to want to die. The adult does everything she knows to do, but the child inside of her continues to want to die — to end the unrelenting, tormenting pain. Eventually, the adult is put into psychiatric care due to what appears to be suicide watch (against her will which is usually only allowed when a person is a danger to themselves or others). Take notice that the straps that hold her become the hands of the abuser. No matter how hard she struggles, she continues to be held by his tight grip. As she calms down, pills are left within her reach (second weak part of the video, but it also conveys its meaning). Notice how everything changes when the adult sees the butterfly fly away from the pills. The adult’s face changes from pain to calm. The abuser finally fades back away. And the little girl who has been tormented for her entire life is now able to finally rest by going to her bed where it is finally safe. And then watch the positioning of the woman’s direction of walking away from the bed. You are looking down at her bed. She is walking up, towards the ceiling. Or to whatever comes after life. She has finally committed suicide. Notice the peaceful, slightly smiling expression of the adult as she walks away from her life. She’s dead. It’s all finally over. Absolutely incredible video. It touches me very strongly as I am in my 3rd year of therapy from the 8+ years of sexual abuse by my father, further sexual abuse by two older brothers and as with many sexually abused girls/women, it began a pattern of being abused by other men. After all, as a child, that’s what I learned life was about. I wasn’t a person. I was an object for the sexual gratification of others. I understand that death wish within. I have an excellent doctor who has helped be beyond believe so I’m much better, no longer in a deep depression, can go out and do things and even smile and enjoy general life as it appears others are doing. But if I were given a choice at this very moment in time whether I’d want to continue fighting the pain or die, I’d take death in a heartbeat. I won’t commit suicide, but I don’t wish to live. 47 years old, married 23 years, 2 wonderful daughters, got the car, the house, all you could hope for. Only problems is the pain is woven into the very fabric of my being to such a point that I wish I could be the woman in the last scene. One day. It’s never too late. One day I will finally die. Whomever wrote It’s Never Too Late truly understands. Thank you. It can help me through some of my darker moments. I also offer my deepest sorrow for whomever wrote this because that person must have been affected by sexual abuse in some manner to have such deep and raw comprehension of the constant, unyielding, permanent destruction that the person abused must endure well into adulthood until they can finally be allowed to die.




Possibly the best song ever. An Fantastic Music video, the song gets jammed in your head and keeps reverberating back. I love the song, I love the video.

It's meee!!

I love Three Days Grace. So I was excited when I heard that my favorite song off their One-X album, Never Too Late, was going to be their next video. However, the video is hard to understand. It seems it's about the angel of death or something like that. Anyway, as the title says, it's an amazing song, just the video is hard to understand.


This video is so good!!! I can never stop listening to this song!! I know all of the lyrics to this song!!! I saw you guys live and you were so good! Come to our hometown again soon!!!

lolman dude

I love three days grace. This song is amazing. AWESOME. FANTASIC. YEAH!!!!! I recomend this song to everyone. Totaly. Just try it. GO THREE DAYS GRACE!!!!


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I have always loved this song, it is amazing in every aspect and lyrically it is very meaningful. The video is incredibly powerful, and is almost hard to watch at times, but i keep watching it because it gives a glimpse of hope and a positive hero. After all, it is never too late... If you need to believe that then Three Days Grace was right on target with this one. Good job guys.


love it! can't get enough. exlent in concert. I have never been disapointed by three days grace, and want more videos.

Savior Kurosaki

One Of the Most Meaningful Songs you have Heard Of espacially after a Break up, This Video goes with the song But i dont like how it is edited on a clean version but its still as good as the Original Version


Even though I make a scavenger, this isn't one. Anyway this is an awesome song! Idon't really understand the video part, but I'm pretty sure it's meaningful! I'd buy it if I had an ipod that plays videos. If you don't have one, at least get the song!


Nice song,nice music video,catchy tune,it's like they have it all! I like how they put this music video all together and the song goes perfect with it.Great,great,great.