Three Days Grace - Pain

One-X (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:


Three Days Grace Is Awsome And If You Like The Song "Pain" Its Worth It Buying This Cause This Song Is Awsome And Also The Vid


I love this song and I can relate to it a lot. This video though is intense and may not be for everybody. It shows a young woman bowing down in a cemetary. However there's a couple of pretty women in this video. If you like that in videos then this will be a good video to see. This is my favroite Three Days Grace song. I can't wait till March 31st. When their new album "Human" comes out.

The Solar Cosmos

You Guys Rock You Are Awesome At Singing

DHG Underground

its nice to be emo every once in a while you know without hurting yourself


I absolutely love this song! It's exactly how I feel at times. I'm not bitter about love its just that when I was in love there was a lot of pain sometimes. The bottom line here is that the lyrics hit home and for anyone who's been there like I have they know exactly what I'm saying... Three Days Grace totally rock!

Jewel Christina

i was so bored and then i was on this app called pandora you can listen to all the songs from any album but you need wi-fi for it but any ways i heard of this song when it came up i just love IT!

Justin Riggins

Whether your sad or happy this song will make you feel better or make you feel even better! Three days grace never fails to impress me,they are completely awesome(:

Savannah Gontier

Deep, meaningful lyrics, and a catchy, upbeat tune. It doesnt matter whether youre sad or happy, this song will make youre day :D

jacob Kating

this song is a good song for when you get dumped cuz u feel nothing but pain

Real Hollywood critic

It seems to be an emotional piece by Three Days Grace and it has caught my eye. To me that song just screams " Bring It On!" and I now feel prepaired for anything.


I love this song and the music video is awesome!! And so true....


this song roxxs!!adam looks soo hott and so young!click the yes if u agree with me!!any way great video buy it!!!

[email protected]!

The looks, the guiar, the bass, the drums, the lyrics. All good


I feast off of this music. It's both lyrically and musically connected. They were my first favorite band ever.


This band rocks!!! One of my old school friends introduced me to them a while back and I have been a fan ever since.


I love this friggin band!!my dad showed me this songvwen i qwas only 6,and now im 12!!ive loved this band 4evr!rok on, T.D.G. :)


the songs in one-x give you an eerie feeing thats comforting and odd at the same time.Its a song with deep emotional meaning and the video just adds to that i think it was put together very well and i love all of their songs and videos.This is worth every penny. (yes my spelling and grammar are bad so if i spelled anything wrong cut me some slack,I'm only 11) :D

high 17

omg This song rocks!!


My cousin introduced me to Three Days Grace by showing me this video. I am forever greatful to him because from the first time I saw this video I loved it! Adam looks really cool with his hair and stuff.


This sing and video was so addicting a while back for me, it's still awesome.


adam is so hawt. his dark emo style is to die for. click yes if you agree. click yes please


i like love this song and the video... one of my friends introduced me to the song and now i cant stop listenin to it!!!

Nizbii. :]

like i said, ooohhh he's really smexy. i love his hair and he ttly looks like a hawt emo teenager click yesss if you agreee


second best song by them.

brittanii blitz

I love this song and Im so syked this song has a video..i think that this video explains alot....i love these lyrics and love t.d.g!! peace... <3


i love the song and lyrics and everything.but this song and video may not be for is very emotional and dark, almost depressing.i know that is the whole point of the song, but i just wanted any one who was going to buy the video to know this before hand so you didn't regret it because of the way it is.i highly recomend the video though because it is a catchy song and got my attention and it can appeal to many in my opinion.well thanks for reading!l8er

Margi Rentis :3

Well I dont BUY songs from iTunes. I search them on youtube and stuff. But this song is awesome and so is the video. I hope Three Days Grace's new CD comes out soon. I really think they rock out loud >:]